Sep 16, 2010

Running to Stand Still

Not wanting to go on the usual night out, I decided to keep things simple and feminine with my outfit, determined to go against the usual Saturday night blinged out look. I find myself enjoying quiet night outs (read: shopping and movies) instead of the whole clubbing/party scene still (I guess it comes with age) but I have come to notice my outfits are less and less sexy and tend to veer towards the more romantic girly vibe. Case in point, the ruffled laced out look I pulled this day.

I love the ruffled lace vest which was loaned to me by my BFF Nina. When I saw it, I was instantly so thrilled to wear it esp. since it perfectly matched the lace shorts I’ve been wanting to wear for almost 5 months now! Layered on the pearls, which I usually do when I wear ruffles and lace and of course a satin bow hairband to compliment the romantic delicate vibe of the look!

I saw Lissa on a total random note at Rockwell and we decided to hang out the whole night which was capped off by MAC lipstick shopping (all the shades we wanted were sold out!), Resident Evil 3D screaming (Lissa is so funny when she gets frightened) and tons and tons of gossip and random anecdotes on everyone and everything fashion! Her outfit read FIERCE ROCKER,while I had the whole laced up doll vibe.


  1. wow very nice photos loveeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. i like the girly side of joanna :) lovely!

  3. i love your shoessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a really pretty feminine outfit.. Great shoes and purse!

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  5. cuteee...i almost never wear pink in my life..but those outfits look good on u
    i luve the short and the shoes mostly


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