Sep 7, 2010

Love burns brighter than sunshine...

The day was extraordinary. I woke up to a sunny and hot day, which is a rarity back here where rain and wind is plaguing us for the next 6 months. So I decided to dress accordingly and I had quite the sunny disposition… who wouldn’t in this gorgeous dress, right? I got the dress from my friend Lissa ’s brand, Love Vintage, which sells gorgeous vintage and thrifted pieces for quite a bargain! I love their current collection, as modeled by fellow Chictopian, fashion blogger and Glitterati muse, Kookie who rocked the pieces thus making me so tempted to buy… and buy (a lot) I did!

My purple purse which matches my shoes perfectly were sponsored by my friend Audrey, who designs and manufactures these and more gorgeous designs. Get your hand on this awesome piece as it is sold under Parisian, in all SM Department Stores. I love how reasonably priced yet handy and fabulous her bags are!

It was definitely love at first wear…I adore the colors and print of the dress since the flowers are big and the purple blue hues are magical together. But what got me really head over heels for this was the sailor style collar and the huge buttons which were just phenomenal especially since nobody really makes details like that anymore. I went for purple and gray accessories to keep the look quite consisted and I resurrected my satin Nine West evening Mary Janes which have magenta and violet combined. I am so glad I didn’t throw these shoes or sell them since I forgot how comfy and useful they actually are! Wore them with socks to cute-ify the otherwise very elegant pair.

To turn a Monday bright and shiny, dress bright and shiny. Cause sometimes all it really takes is the right outfit and the right shoes to rock the day! Haha!

Fashion blogger, Kookie in the dress, modeling for Love Vintage. Check out their gorgeous pcs. at their SITE.


  1. how have i heard of Love Vintage only just now?? i went to check out their site, & the items are gorgeous! need moneeeeey, argh!

    you look very pretty, as always, JL! that dress looks so crisp on you!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. You looked lovely JL! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. aww!! so adorablee!! i love ur style as always! :)


  4. This is dress is gorgeous and it's always a secret pleasure of mine to click the link to your blog to find you in decadently colourful outfits, so well put together and so ladylike.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  5. Beautifull!!!! *_* You're woonderfull honey!!!

  6. you look lovely as always.. i love the dress and shoes. hmm.. i might diy the bow cuff. hehe.. =)

  7. You always look beautiful! Love this look

  8. such a cute cute dress!! you both look darling in it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. i love ur blog- just found it!

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  10. i'm just in love with that bow bangle!

  11. The dress is lovely! Goes well also with your yellow background. :)

  12. nice vintage dress!!


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