Sep 19, 2010

Even better than the real thing...

Casual and rocker today…. I’ve been gearing towards a more casual laid back look but i reckon that’s quite impossible provided that I wear heels on a daily basis. But I did try to compensate by trying my best to simplify my dress which is a batwing shaped tunic dress from H&M. I’m not quite sure if this was meant to be a dress or a top…probably I’m just so tiny (I’m only 5 feet 3 inces!) that long tops translate to dresses for me. But anyway, since it was gearing towards the simple side, I decided to spice it up a bit with totally radical and fierce accessories: a pair of Lady Gaga-inspired shield sunnies from Glare (Glitterati’s sunnies line), a leather Bulletproofesque vest with a metal zipper detail and studs and mesh boots.

My favorite piece from the look would be the vest, as it gives the otherwise flowy shapeless tunic the illusion of “shape” and curves…and of course the silver and black mesh boots which I also have in red. I wore it on a busy work day where I had to juggle time for my store and brand and of course our Garage sale which was majorly successful last Saturday! I love how selling pre-loved pieces can turn out quite a fortune… I am definitely going to have to clean out my closet on a regular basis! Thanks to everyone who came! I got rid of so many shoes (some even were still unused….) and basically all my flats… I am thus proud to say that aside from beach slippers, I no longer own any flat shoes… It’s sky high heels or barefoot!

BTW, we’re releasing our NEW collection for Glitterati any day now (definitely this week) so stay tuned for that! One of our most luxurious and glamorous collections… ever! Watch out for it at


  1. i super love that vest! :) and your fringe bag! :)

  2. babe!!!!!!!! that leather vest is seriously insane!!! this ensemble is effin ferocious!!!!

  3. you have such killer style! i love this outfit, so edgy and rocker, those shoes are to die for!


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