Sep 20, 2010

Ray of Light

Photographed by: Daniel Tan (

We had a shoot last Friday and I could not resist not having my picture taken with the magical and amazing lighting design which was the masterpiece of our photographer, Daniel Tan. The studio was transformed to a super club since we had all the elements going on… flashing lights, fog machine and trance music… and for a bit, I forgot I was in a photo shoot and thought I was in Republiq! The photo looks like it was shot late at night or in the wee hours of the morning but this was actually taken at noon time…inside a wonderfully lit studio. Seriously…aren’t the lights just so pretty? More so, he doesn’t do any computer editing on his shots…the lights, effect and everything were done manually by carefully balancing out the lights.

Check out the solo shots of my BFF and business partner, Nina...

The Glitterati Girls....

I took a few daylight shots of my outfit but these photos were just too pretty to not post, which is why I ditched the natural light ones for this instead… I am posting those here though since this outfit was really worn at daytime, with the sun shining brighter than ever. (I am so happy that the sun has been up for the past days!)

The natural light shots I took but ditched due to the too pretty not to post shots by Daniel Tan...

Anyway, this was my outfit for the Glitterati new collection shoot we had which is a mix of my daily style with a bit of utilitarian, comfortable. I needed to maneuver and move around that day so I went for something easy to wear and hassle free, without letting go of my inner glamor. I decided to keep it simple with a few distinct details such as the wedged shoes (a favorite of mine seriously) and the fringed design on the tank top which is very soft and elegant without being over the top. Basically, a simple and classic look with a glamorous twist…. Who says you can’t have it all right? I think that when given a choice between comfort and style, I ask, “Why not both?”

I am so happy with how the shoot turned out, and, as promised in Chictopia, I am posting BTS photos ofthe shoot…sort of like a teaser of what’s coming sooner than you think from Glitterati!

With our model, Luane Pasinatto...who also was the face of our Disco Inferno Collection...back in 2009....

I was hair stylist that day... curling Luane's hair with makeup artist Isabel Arches...

Strike a pose....



  1. All of these outfits look beautiful!!!
    Are you a model?


  2. Wow, you girls all look so pretty! Always perfectly chic! And there are your beautiful shoes again, I adore them! Well, they are totally not me, but I love how they look on girls like you :)

  3. you both look amazing and fabulous as always!! love your skirt and shoes!!

    Animated Confessions

  4. You're very pretty! <3 I love Gliteratti wear too. Very stylish and edgy.

  5. aamaaazing post!!!!
    I love the outfit and the lights as well

  6. Love your outfit!! Especially the shoes!!

    Great blog ♥

  7. loving the details on the sleeves of ur top!

  8. is this shoot for Glitterati's new collection?
    looking forward to them! Nina's hair

  9. hot girls! i love all the poses and background and smoke and your outfits :)

    <3 Angie


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