Sep 9, 2010

Angels too tied to the ground

I’ve been wanting chiffon tie-up sandals since forever. I remember I had a pair or two before but it mysteriously disappeared which is why I was beyond ecstatic when Fendi reintroduced tulle sheer sandals in their Spring 2010 runway. I’ve been wanting the ones from Stella Luna but they ran out of my size almost instantly. Before long, chiffon sandals were all the rage and I was especially quite anxious Topshop came out with their own retail version. However, by the time they got here in Manila, I was on my self imposed shoe ban since I have a surplus of unworn shoes in my closet. Not wanting to spend anymore on shoes I have no more space for, I decided to let go…but that was quite impossible especially after seeing my two very good friends and fashion bloggers Lissa and Patricia rock their own Wisterias.

Patrish and Lissa rocking their red Wisteria shoes.

From top, left: Fendi Tulle Platforms, Stella Luna's Spring 2010 Version of the shoe and Topshop's Wisteria Wedges

Luckily, my parents stepped in and decided to treat me to a shoe shopping trip this week which was a blessing since I was so decided that I was not going to shell out any more cash on shoes, for the next 2-3 months anyway. I was quite torn between the pale pink one and the black and it took me quite a while (30 minutes) to decided until my family gave up on me and decided to get me the two pairs…. And it was like Christmas morning seriously… I got to satisfy my inner Imelda for a day at least! And that’s the story behind these shoes!

I decided to wear the pink ones on a sunny Thursday since it just matched my chiffon Topshop robe to the tee. I’ve been thinking of how to wear this coat for the longest time since I got it almost 70% off in the July Topshop sale. I am happy I saved it! I wore it in a boudoir inspired way… since it does look like a night coat, I paired it with a black satin bustier (to keep the innerwear as outerwear feel going) tucked in highwaist shorts from H&M. I kept the look pretty basic and simple since the shoes were the IT FACTOR of the whole look. The pair was so comfy and I felt super tall in it! Thank God I got sponsored to buy it! Haha!

Till the next post, loves!


  1. killer shoess!! is it reallyy comfy?? haha,, u r so lucky that ur parents bought u both pairs! :D


  2. I know right. Those shoes are just gorgeously beautiful and fabulous!!! :) I love it too :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Darling...i TOTALLY LOVE your shoes *_* you're always woooooonderfull!!!

  4. Love love love this! So soft and pretty. (: wow, you actually got to have both colors! I also stared at them for quite a while, trying to decide which color to get... only to find out that neither color actually had my size left. Haha. Bad trip lang!

  5. hey JL! the red one's Patricia Prieto's wearing is from Topshop too? :) I totally love it! How much are they for?

  6. awwww! you are forever marvelous for real! love the shoes!!!!

  7. this is so elegant :) Looking great, as usual!!

  8. Wow i am inlove with your style,all your ensembles look amazing! and i sooo agree,after Fendi did it,i was obsessed :D but topshop were charging a tad too much for their replica' im just hoping another store like new look will do a copy for a MUCH cheaper price :D Haha,i know i know,im a cheapo ;D

    By the way,im loving your blog,definately gonna give it a follow :D and it would be super awesome if you could come over and check out my blog & follow it too,as i love getting new readers and followers all the time :D it would be much appreciated :D

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

  9. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! THE SHOES!!! they are so MIGHTY!! what a brilliant purchase, you most definitely made the right choice. How b-e-a-uuuutiful!!! eeshk. highly jelous.

    Love Love <3

  10. hi JL firs off thank you for following me back!:) i really love your blog and chictopia :) the wedges btw are lovely!

  11. i love your outfit with the wisterias the best! it's so old fashioned-romantic!

  12. Wow, how lucky you are :) This beautiful coat 70% off and then two pairs of shoes from the parents, what a treat :)
    Haha so cute that your parents even bought you both colours because you were indecisive, that's so nice.

    Btw I love your purse too! It matches the shoes perfectly!

  13. oh my gosh, these wedges again.. T___T
    Topshop in here, they don't sell the shoes!!
    Grrrrrrrr.. only sandals, sneakers or flats.. geezz
    So envy you, T__T
    i want them in every colors! criess

    Love, MM

  14. stunning blog u have! love this entire look!
    come follow me xxo

  15. your shoes! that oversized cardigan! AAHH!

  16. haha i also have this post (of Patricia P and Lissa K's wisterias) on the same day too :)


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