Nov 28, 2013

Waiting For Superman

Snakeskin leather olive green padded blazer: Wisdom | Tartan print trousers with metallic zipper detail: Zara | Sunglasses: Charles and Keith | Plain Gray Tank Top: Topshop | Rhinestone Statement Necklace: Ever New | Marcie Satchel Bag: Chloe | Strappy Gray Heels: S&H

She’s talking to angels, counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart
Waiting for Superman to pick her up
In his arms, Waiting for Superman
She’s out on the corner trying to catch a glimpse
Nothing’s making sense
She’s been chasing an answer
A sign lost in the abyss, this Metropolis

She says...Yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late
He got stuck at the Five and Dime saving the day
She says...If life was a movie, then it wouldn’t end like this
Left without a kiss
Still, she smiles
 To lift her up and take her anywhere
Show her love and climbing through the air
Save her now before it’s too late tonight
Oh, like a speeding light
And she smiles

She’s talking to angels, she’s counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers, she’s falling apart
Waiting for Superman to pick her up
In his arms, In his arms
She’s waiting for Superman
To lift her up and take her anywhere
Show her love and climbing through the air
Save her now before it’s too late tonight
She’s waiting for Superman 

My boyfriend thinks he's superman, granted I know that most girls can attest that their boyfriends feel like they are  superheroes at one point in their relationship, but his commitment to the role seems far more intense than other people- he needs to be constantly saving something or someone. His chosen profession is a testament to this -since if you are not aware- he is a doctor- and...who else is better at saving lives? I know this because my favorite past time is nagging him to stop and try to take care of himself for once (he is still recovering from getting dengue fever where he was more concerned for other people's well being over his, while I was constantly concerned about his platelet count) and be selfish, as I know I am most of the time. I know this, also, because for the past few months, he has been the ultimate yin to my definitive yang. I’ve seen him go through the day with so much concern and care for other people (although he tends to go the extra mile for me)... he is always involved in what happens... like current events and other things I am all too self-absorbed to bother about. In every situation I get into, he calls my yaya or anyone he knows who is around me to ask how I am when I wont reply, as though something extremely serious or grave has happened as a result of my incredible talent that involves me forgetting my cellphone exists and not replying. I find such ‘ways’ of his fascinating and quite amusing because I never in my life met someone so involved in almost everything that happens. He is always in total control of situations... he knows what to do, expects and is prepared for the worst and has saved my life (literally, perhaps more than once). He may have the stigma of being quite the Superman fan, probably because back in high school, when I was still a freshman (the first time I met him) and he was in his third year, he was quite famous to the older batches as "Drew, that guy who looks a lot like Clark Kent." That was his identifier and he was quite popular among the girls in school with that simple description. I am assuming this was a role he took on gladly, and I constantly tease him about it, much to his chagrin. 

Speaking to his friends, even as a toddler as his best friend would recall to me, there is an actual video of him in all his Superman glory costume, all ready to save the world and failing miserably at it. He still always tried to join every contest though... he never was one to easily quit. He is the only person I know who could save an otherwise bad day with a simple smile and like superman, I can see how he treats every human being with respect, even if you are young or old, male or female, of any race, religion, or based on your planet of origin, it just doesn't matter to him. I can see, through his work (he works in a government hospital by choice) that he preserves the dignity of every person. No... he doesn't own a cape... although before our first date, my FOSSIL, sister and I were discussing at the beach what would be possible deal breakers and in my drunken haze, I said, "maybe if he was wearing a Superman costume/shirt under his clothes, I'd have to rethink things." We all laughed of course, but I was semi-serious and a bit freaked out. Thankfully he didn't have that delusion. He doesn't wear red, white and blue nor is he made of steel but he does have superpowers. One of them being that he makes me feel like the most amazing woman alive, despite the additional baggage and factory defects I possess and am quite open about admitting to. The way he treats me is with such gentleness, extraordinary care and respect that I deserve; he pays attention to the tiniest details and follows through with them and he just has that cute grin that melts my heart.

 Before I found him adorable, I was so against this "save the world" thing he has going on. With all my independent woman ways stemming from my need for the freedom to be me, single and just wanting to be... my chronic hatred for being saved---not to mention my trademark status as the poster child for that statement "you can't save a damsel if she loves her distress", I was bound to. He was too into the whole saving thing, which I, was just not ready to take on. I always told myself that I was too much of a rebel to be tamed, and I would probably embody Wonder Woman more than Lois Lane, granted that I was too independent (I tend to live in my own world) and I make it a point not to make other people's business my business the way the overzealous reporter from the comics did. More so, I always made it a point to consider that in almost every story, I loved playing the villain so obviously that would perhaps be something that would pose a serious threat to our relationship. Given that I also have the tendency to forget a world outside of me exists, which is not exactly a strong  point for me, especially when I tend to go off and wander in my own thoughts ever so often. (For those unaware, I scored high in the introvert scale bordering on extremes.) For a superhero, or someone so close to being one as he was the good guy type, I thought my ways were simply unacceptable and disagreeable- bumps along the road and arguments waiting to happen. But then I got into deep, (damn those butterflies!) and I decided that there was no easy way out of I decided to draw the line, set myself straight and meet him half-way.

After a series of understanding and accepting in his part and resisting on mine, as well as immeasurable values-sacrificing, we perfected the dance that most couples do- long term in their relationship (and we have only been at this for less than half a year). We have learned to see the humor in things and our situation and we always have a good laugh about it. You see, life has its ups and downs, and drama plots and supporting characters that we sometimes wish would vanish. Being with someone who can laugh this off with you and sit back and assure you that they too are entertained helps...a lot. More so, since I am the most perfectionist control freak that I know, being in a relationship with me isn't exactly as easy. I am neurotic and hypomanic... and impatient which is why I am so grateful to be with someone who has the patience that goes beyond what is considered human that he embraces my many quirky qualities. Like me, he puts an emphasis on physique, health and physical fitness. That was, I think, one of the major things we bonded over- our passion for working out. While I do not expect him to be jacked up and compete in a body building competition, I do think it is vital to make good lifestyle choices, especially at our age. He puts me in a pedestal and is very proud of my academic achievements, which I tend to downplay significantly. I think he is quite the smart cookie because I rarely get along with people intellectually, especially when it comes to topics such as psychiatry, history and science. His quest for knowledge is something I admire and I think it helps that I am able to relate to Andrew on a mental level, where he brings out and challenges my own curiosity and intellect too. I must say being with someone with super human qualities tends to bring out the best in people and that is what he has done in my case. 

I believe that in our relationship, we both spend more time highlighting what's great about each other rather than harping on lesser traits... not because we are self-absorbed or so into ourselves that we've been blind to our reality but because we love each other for exactly who we are and we both know that we live up to the standards we've set for ourselves. Basically, it helps to be in a relationship where you grow to be your best self because you are in a positive and nurturing environment. I do still tend to forget things beyond me exist ever so often, I do have the occasional meltdown and tend to find my cellphone in random places (most recently, I found it in the refrigerator), and I do hate being bothered specially when I’m in the middle of something in the other less critical aspects of my life- especially on Glitterati inquiries, random people contacting me for sponsorships or blogging related calls, but I realized that as we have grown in this relationship, I have learned that I will not treat him poorly, control him or act in a way that's beneath me...because based on his previous experience, that's not okay and things like that are not things you turn your head against and ignore.

And just as every superhero has flaws, my boyfriend puts a positive twist on being different.  If you want a less convoluted answer, his compassion, his weakness for love is perhaps his biggest weakness. Just as Kryptonite was to superman, the idea of being in love and committed was always a weakness of his... which of course has led him to make legally binding decisions I am quite sure he regrets. But one thing that I do draw out from this setback is how he is fiercely loyal and how he is so easy to admit when he has made a mistake or screwed up. I know, I know, people shouldn't be given brownie points for being able to admit they are wrong since they shouldn't have done anything to be wrong about in the first place. But granted that I realize that I am human and ultimately flawed, I guess I appreciate someone who owns up to their mistakes and tries to make amends for it. Maybe it is because I have seen worst in other people or maybe because I am all too realistic with how I view life (that it isn't a fairy tale, and sometimes, something has got to give), but knowing that no matter how indestructible or infallible I think my boyfriend is, a weakness exists and that just does not make him superhuman... that makes him my superhero.

“I love him like no one else because I know him like no one else. Beneath that need to save the world, that deep concern for people and the undeniable and striking resemblance to Superman, lies a warm and sincere person who has lived life fast forward...someone who is willing to rectify a world that has gone all wrong. Someone who has demonstrated unconditional love that calls way beyond his duty. Someone who is brave enough to stand up to those who judge me. Someone who is beyond intelligent but finds pleasure in acting like a fool just to make me laugh at his silliness during my ‘off-days.’ Someone who solves my problems and worries with just one word- YES (because he never says no to me.) He is someone so misunderstood yet so straightforward. I’m so proud of him. I admire the person that he is. I look at the person he isn’t (the way others especially in his past see him) and just laugh at the incongruous paradox. He is, for me, the most extraordinary person I know, inside and out. He loves me even if I would spend all my alone time in my own world. He continues to want to treat me and take care of me despite the fact that he’s the one who needs taking care of...even the small gestures and surprises of getting someone to even send me a Green Tea Latte or a Banana Yoghurt Shake on a bad day. He adores me even if I would change my mood on a minimum of fifteen times a day. He is the paragon of generosity, earnestness, fortitude, humility, patience and sincerity."

How Lucky Am I That He Loves Me? 


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