Nov 9, 2013

Things Keep Getting Stranger By The Day


 Things keep getting stranger by the day...


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The human heart does not stay away from too long from that which hurt it most. There is a journey of return to anguish that few of us are released from making.
- Lillian Smith

There are certain hurts and pains that we experience in the past (dating far as back as when we were in out childhood) that do not just magically evaporate as we grow older. I know this to be true because of this, I am an expert. These rumble around in us and when we have reached a level of strength, maturity, insight and awareness to handle them, we have come up to be worked through. This of course does not apply to everyone. Not that I am one to judge. The ability to transcend is one of the ways our inner being is loving us. It gives us every opportunity to heal the hurts that we need to heal and it gives us that opportunity when we are strong enough to handle it. Naturally, as with every struggle, it takes a certain level of commitment. Some people never get through it and that is a sad fact. Most of the time, others repress it and subconsciously release it to the world, and to other people and ultimately such is very sad. We may keep ourselves busy by traveling, going out and trying all sorts of new things but at the end of the day, when the day is done and fun is gone, these nagging feelings return. The end result is such a person becomes bitter and depressive. It is a sad thing to see a person succumb to such. I have encountered people like these- and the end result is: nobody wants to really deal with them. Embittered people are emotional vampires... they just suck the joy out of you. Whats worst is, they make you feel responsible and to blame for their feelings of depression and you end up feeling guilty and perhaps more traumatized to begin with. The toxicity of these people is too much to bear and sometimes it is best to simply avoid them...until they deal with themselves, at least. 

Frequently, we have experiences that we simply are not strong enough to handle without a lot of support and help, and often that support is absent...either because we've pushed it away or circumstance has allowed it to be so. So we push them down, set them aside and wait. They say waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. I beg to differ... Paulo Coelho once said, "it's the not knowing what to do next which is the most painful." What a wonderful thought, that I being, being all control freak can absolutely relate to. We sometimes need to let go of the plans. There is no absolute and fixed schedule for getting over things. When we are ready, they come back up... waiting to be dealt with. This gives us the chance through these old anguishes when we are strong enough and have what we need to complete the whole "getting over it" process.

When you truly are ready, you will have the opportunity to make these journeys to old hurts with the knowledge that you can heal and move on. Take that chance... it is yours. 


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