Nov 11, 2013

Something I Need (If we only live once I want to live with you)

Rhinestone Chiffon Fringed Crop Top: H&M | Acid Wash Super Skinny Denim Jeans: Ever New | Leather Sling Bag with Fringe: Zara | Studded and Spiked Dita-inspired Lace-up Booties: Gifts Ahoy by Angelie Lim

I had a dream the other night
About how we only get one life
Woke me up right after two
Stayed awake and stared at you
So I wouldn't lose my mind

And I had the week that came from hell
And yes I know that you can tell
But you're like the net under the ledge
But I go flying off the edge
You go flying off as well

And if you only die once I wanna die with
You got something I need
In this world full of people there's one killing me
And if we only die once I wanna die with you
You got something I need
In this world full of people there's one killing me
And if we only die once I wanna die with you

If we only live once I wanna live with you  

-Something I Need, One Republic

Dream come true and a box to tick in my Bucket List as I was able to watch one of my most favorite bands, One Republic and I was 2 rows away from the stage. It was an amazing experience as I have been quite vocal about being a major fan of the band...not to mention, Secrets has been officially dubbed as MY walk-down-the-aisle song. Regardless I was able to already walk down the aisle to this song as maid of honor, it will still be MY song because that's just how much I love it. And yes, I was beyond ecstatic to hear it LIVE and UP CLOSE and PERSONAL that night as it was the second song played by the band. This definitely will go to the list of the best moments in my life... it will at least make Top 20, I guess. It was just pure awesomeness and I LOVED IT... every minute of it.More so, it helped that I watched it with people I love, and who I consider as special in my life. There is nothing like sharing a special moment with special people.

Speaking of LOVE: I believe we all have an infinite capacity of loving. The problem is that sometimes, we get confused about loving, and we start thinking that we only have so much to go around. You see, the tendency is: we start thinking in zero-sum terms. We believe that we only have so much love and if we give some away, we have that much less. We start parceling out our love like we pay the bills at the end of the month. We meet all our "love obligations" and we try to keep a little bit in savings, just in case of emergency. Ultimately it is so very similar to bank, where the currency is how much love we give. The thing is: Controlled love is not loving. Love is something that flows out of our deep sense of loving ourselves. It is not possible to love another person if we do not know how to love ourselves- without limit. 

When we love ourselves, there is no limit to the amount of love we can share. You see, loving can never be manufactured because we should, need to, or want something in return. Love is an energy shared because we have it. At this day and age where everything can be bought and paid for and given the fact most of us are born into bank accounts and trust funds, it is no wonder we get confused. 

xx, JL

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