Nov 13, 2013

Cruel Summer: Mercy

Metallic Knit Crop Top: Forever21 | Embroidered Damask Print Pants: Zara | Two-Toned Canvas and Leather Trapeze Bag: Celine | Cruel Summer Winged Sandals: Guiseppe Zanotti x Kanye West | Bracelet: Charriol | Watch: Rolex | Beaded Bracelets: Therapy | Embellished Rhinestone Collar: Gold Couture | Life is Beautiful iPhone5 Case: Hugs and Cases

Confession: I am a major Kanye West fan, and no it isn't because of his Kardashian Konnection... I really liked him even before all that KIMYE stuff... His Taylor Swift diss was highly entertaining to me and well let's have a toast for the douchebags... right? More so, I love his raw talent and his impeccable fashion style- he has had an ability to merge fashion and rap which we have not seen since the likes of P. Diddy. Suffice to say: STRONGER is my ultimate gym song. The dude's real and I appreciate that. I like real people.

We sometimes avoid getting real because we intuitively know when we get real, we will have to go through some major changes in our lives. We are so accustomed to doing what is expected of us that it has been difficult to know what we want or need sans all that societal demands. We can so easily give in to the demands of others, especially if we believe they are to be persons of authority, that we find ourselves confused, lacking of clarity and far from real. When did it stop being real and start to be all pretend and make believe?

In spite of our confusion, our inner process continues to push us toward or true evolution and growth. Something in us struggle for clarity. Yet with clarity comes another step...

xx, JL

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