Nov 14, 2013

I Lived (When Everybody Runs, I Choose to Stay)

Socialite Athletic Sweater: Zara | White Button Down Long-Sleeved Shirt: Mango | Tiered Tutu Miniskirt: Forever 21 | Rhinestone Bejeweled Pearl Collar: Gold Couture | Dita-Inspited Lace Up Lace Booties: Trunk Show | Epi Leather Satchel Camel Bag: SM Parisian | Bracelets: Therapy | Rings: Forever 21

Hope that you spend your days
But they all add up
And when that sun goes down
Hope you raise your cup

I wish that I could witness
All your joy and all your pain
But until my moment comes
I'll say...

  I did it all
I did it all
I owned every second
That this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived
- I Lived, One Republic 

"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." I must admit I am the vainest person ever. Confession: I cannot pass by any mirror, shiny surface or anything that reflects myself without looking. It a bad habit people often call me out on but I cannot help it. It's like an impulse: I have to check myself. In the figurative sense though, that is not always a bad thing... right?

The thing is, we are surrounded by mirrors. The people around us, our loved ones and our foes, are like mirrors in our lives. We need mirrors in our lives. We have areas that we know about ourselves that others know about us- our public selves. We have areas we know about ourselves that we keep hidden fron others- our private selves. And we have areas that others know about us that we do not know about us-our unknown selves. Finally there are areas about ourselves that are unknown to us and unknown to others- our hidden selves. The latter two can result in some serious blind spots that can cause us some troubles down the line... if they have not already. 

Since we are often so busy doing other things, we rarely take time to focus on these hidden selves so luckily we have mirrors that prove to be efficient. Remember the old adage that "what we react to in others is all too often a hidden part of ourselves?" ---I've come across this thought so many times while studying Psychology and well, there can be some truth to that. If we have a strong reaction to someone...we may want to take the time to look inside to see what is going on with us. Likewise, if we are really attratced or drawn to someone, maybe we have some of the qualities of this person as well. Learning our unknowns may be the most important (not to mention most eye-opening) journey we ever take. All you have to do is recognize your blind spots and open your eyes...

xx, JL

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