Dec 12, 2011

Vox Populi

Zip It.
(Chiffon blouse: Glitterati | Pants: Zara | Necklaces: Cultus Chi Chi | Bag: Marc Jacobs | Shoes: DAS)

I was feeling a tad bit under the weather earlier but decided to brave that plus the elements outside (as it was raining extremely hard that day) to catch up with friends and of course, to play the LAST MUSIC TRIVIA for the YEAR where our team won (again) as defending champs! It was an extremely fun night and for that, I dressed up comfortably chic and classic in what I would describe would be the most mature outfit I have put on yet to date. (Of course, it still has the signature JL-vibe with he hard metal and zipper details)

xx, JL


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