Dec 8, 2011

Betrayal Part I

Do you remember when we were best friends? When we'd share our every thought? Every smile? And every laugh? Oh and did you remember when you broke my heart? Because I seem to remember that more than anything. I trusted you, I trusted you not to take it and stomp on it. The day you betrayed my trust was the day that I lost all my trust for you. I believed you would take care of my heart and that's why I left it with you. Well I am taking it back because at this very moment I can't trust you with my heart in fear that you will hurt me once more. Look me in the eyes and feel the pain I hide inside. It breaks my heart. It's really amazing when two strangers become the best of friends, but its really sad when the best of friends become strangers. Trust can take years to build but only a second to break. If you ever have to question a friendship, then can it really be called a friendship?

How can it be that two of the greatest friends in the world can go from being each other's everything to absolutely nothing? How many more lies will it take to see you aren't even worth it? for someone who is supposed to be my friend, you sure know how to treat me wrong... how can anyone enjoy putting people down? Friends help you through rough times, not put you through them.

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