Dec 4, 2011

Candy in The Sun

(Blazer: Zara | Chiffon Top: Zara | Maxi Skirt: Glitterati | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Zara | Accessories: + Ruckus & Extreme Finds | Sunnies: Prada)

Color blocking in orange and hot pink for a Tuesday afternoon-night rendezvous.

If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want. A few lucky ladies can do no wrong. Their looks: perfection. And they've got accessories to match. But most girls get tired of the same old look. And they'll do anything to get the hot new piece on their arm. And then there are those with no vision of their own. Thieves of fashion who will steal the shirt off your back. And always remember, appearances can be deceiving. But whatever you wear, always dress to kill.

Christmas Shopping and gifted myself with two pretty Marc Jacobs Stam Bags!

xx, JL

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