Aug 8, 2011

Grand Theft Autumn

Darkness falls, here comes the rain to wash away the past and the names.
(Satin Corset Bustier: Glitterati | Shorts: from HK | Shoes: DAS | Purse: Givenchy Nightingale | Accessories: Cultus ChiChi)

My "last Friday night" outfit which was worn rather to the maximum as I wore it to both of my excursions which I call B1 + B2 (I love how I refer to my nights out like Vitamins). I've been quite sick of staying in at home the past week since I was very sick with the flu so when I finally got the chance to go out, I decided to deliver and make the most out of it (until 4 am which was in my own term...sagad lang)...and in probably as minimal clothing possible. I wanted to be edgy and at the same time comfortable and not too over the top (as I had no plans of clubbing at all) and was going to the 2 B's aka. my home bases- BOROUGH in podium (to meetup with friends) and BARCINO (for a great nightcap) in Rockwell which is always a comfort place for me since I am there almost 3x a week! My never fail closet item right now are my corsets as I find them virtually easy to match with every article of clothing I own. For this night, I decided to keep it as fresh and simple with understated glam since I knew it was going to be an al fresco night and I didn't really be want to be all fidgety with my clothes. In the end, it ended up to be wonderful evening... dramatic and definitely interesting. I shall say no more...*insert sly smile here*

xx, JL


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  1. super lovely loook! :) pretty JL as always!


  2. Love those shorts girl! super chic, I'm looking for the perfect corset but those are hard to find, yours is perfect girl!


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