Aug 4, 2011

The Pageant of the Bizarre

Off-Duty Princess.
(Top: Topman XXS Tank | Taffeta Mullet Skirt: Glitterati | Belt: Glitterati | Accessories: Random | Combat Boots: Random from Rockwell Bazaar)

How to dress down a ball skirt?
I desperately wanted to wear this skirt so bad since I love how it flows and moves whenever I walk. It glides along with me and poufs behind that it almost makes me feel regal with every step I take... Hey if the tiara fits, wear it...right? I rarely have places to wear these pretty clothes as I am in my gym-gym / errands lifestyle, which calls for casual and sportswear 99% of the time. I've been down with fever the past days and was stuck at home so when I heard I could finally go out, I decided this skirt was the outfit choice. The dilemma was on how to dress it down and make it a bit less princess-y and lot more for day and night out on the town. I had an event launch with Lissa to attend in the afternoon, a little shopping, a family din-din and then a BFF date with Nina who I was meeting up to toast up Glitterati's store's 1st year Anniversary.

The Answer: Keep it simple. A skirt in this design, with this extraordinary shape and gorgeous color + fabric is THE STATEMENT PIECE of the look. Keep everything else basic and edgy. So I chose a tank top which has a masculine cut to toughen up the look, a studded belt cinched at the waist and tie-up combat boots which totally made the outfit edgier and rocker chic rather than Princess Diaries-esque. It was a risque move to pair combat boots with the skirt but I kinda enjoyed the bipolarity in the outfit...I was so happy to have worn to night. Hope it worked!



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  1. I always dig that belt :) Love your hairstyle by the way. Makes you look so adorable <3


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