Aug 26, 2011

No Curtain Call

(Corset: Megan Corset from Glitterati | Skirt: Mystique Ruched Mesh Skirt from Glitterati | Shoes: Miss D! | Bag: Chanel | Accessories: Mikimoto Pearls)

What I wore for my mom's birthday dinner over at Masseto, where I had a blast in a bottle and ate the most delectable dinner which consisted of truffle potatoes, truffle cheese pizza and beef cheeks + foie gras. I love how my mom always celebrates in style and so I went a bit more elegant, and less edgy for her actual birthday dinner... A dinner that sent me into a serious food coma!

Everything in the outfit in terms of clothing is Glitterati, while the shoes were a generous and extra high token from MISS D! shoes!


Photos from the dinner:

xx, JL

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