Aug 25, 2011

Pamper Much? The Ultimate SPA Experience with Celebrity Nails

If anyone were to ask me what I enjoy the most during my down time, I would have to say it would be the few times I could let loose and give in to life's guilt-free pleasures and indulgences: pampering myself. I love getting massages and spa treatments which is why being the expert I am, I was quite familiar with Celebrity Nails Manila, which is the BEST home spa and nail service in the Metro. Trust me...when I say that... as I have gone through the whole block of new at home beauty services, I come to see myself always coming back to Celebrity Nails and in the past 2 years, trusted them with my nails spa treatments and massages.

The reason for this would have to be the professionalism, the education they instill on both therapists and consumers and hygienic practices of the company which is their golden rule. These people take nails seriously and to a whole new level, which I totally appreciate and applaud. Being the ONLY nail spa/ salon to have a CELEBRITY NAILS ACADEMY, where ALL therapists must undergo extreme training before being certified to be sent out to represent the company and do nails. In the presence of many home service nail spas, that definitely gives Celebrity Nails an edge, which also gives me, the consumer, a sense of trust and peace of mind when entrusting my nails to someone.

I've heard about the scary stories and the unconfirmed yet equally disturbing urban legends about having one's nails done and ending up with a disease or infection after. Celebrity Nails addresses this issue and probable source of anxiety (neurotic people like me have) when having one's nails done, by ensuring you all tools, even the pumice stone used to exfoliate your feet during the foot spa ritual is properly disinfected and sealed for use. All tools, from the nail file, the nipper and even the cotton swabs are prepacked in a sealed container, ensuring that they have been disinfected and are safe for use. This degree of safety they give the consumer is seriously something I appreciate and herald the company on. More so, all their spa concoctions like the exfoliating scrub, lotions, salts etc., are mixed in house, strictly for Celebrity Nail use and contain no preservatives or any harmful chemicals that are present in most mass marketed beauty fixes. Some clients, enjoy the concoctions so much they request to purchase the items for themselves! Aside from all these, all nail polish brands used by Celebrity Nails include the best brands including Orly, OPI, Lancome, Chanel and Dior, with a wide array of colors to choose from to cater to every stylista and beauty enthusiast's whim.

There are many more reasons why I love Celebrity Nails and it would probably take me forever to list all my rave reviews for this one of a kind professional home service nail and body spa. But I can only say that the best way to validate them is to try the service out for yourself. Be it by yourself or with all your girlfriends (check out their rates on SPARTIES which include fondue, chips and wine), this nail spa is definitely a must try for all it-girls in the making.

Spoil yourself, you deserve it, and do it with Celebrity Nails... you won't regret it!


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Celebrity Nails
Home Service Nail and Body Spa
(Covers ALL parts of Metro Manila and Sta. Rosa Laguna. Provincial areas available upon special request.)
MONDAYS- SUNDAYS 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
502. 73.32 and 0917.812.04.79.
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