Aug 1, 2011

Venus Man Trap

Walk like an Egyptian.
(Dress: Glitterati | Skirt, Glitterati | Shoes: Gold Dot | Purse: Chanel 2.55 | Accessories: Cultus Chi Chi)

Came to support Stacy Rodriguez and her brand GLASNOST for Fashion in the Mix at Opus. Congratulations Stacy! We loved the clothes...expect our orders soon!
Supposed tame and demi-mure GNO Wednesday turned Best Night Ever as I ended up: 1) Dancing on the ledge in republiq. (Reminiscent of Embassy Days)
2) With a dozen bruises in my arms from my bangles
3) Not sitting down and mastering the art of sucking it in...THE WHOLE NIGHT. The dress is so unforgiving, I felt like I was Cleopatra or right smack out of the 300 set as Queen Gorjo.

Cleopatra peg outfit- seriously, with the orange +turquoise bub and the full bangs and straight hair, I was Egyptian that night. Pneumonia dress. Gorgeous clothes on beautiful people. OPEN BAR. GETTING LOW LOW LOW w/my BFF. These are my confessions... MARKET VALUE. Because you're worth it.Where's your head at?

Party Photos:

With Glasnost designer: STACY RODRIGUEZ

Friends: Zara, Anna, Lissa

The Rules of a Dancing Queen: Always stand, never sit. If the opportunity comes, dance on a ledge and work it like it's your runway!



  1. love the earrings! No one can rock that dress like you did! =)

  2. dancing is my favorite thing in the world! Love your dress!

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  3. That dress is the bomb. I so need that in my closet.


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