Sep 11, 2011

Please Don't Take My Photo!!!

Please Don't Take My Photo!!!
(Top: Zara | Shorts : Zara | Shoes: FINCH STYLE | Bag with chain: US | Aviators: Prada)

This is me in my most basic, most hassle free, fuss free outfit. Basically, this look is what I consider as my staple aka. uniform... oversized tanktop + denim shorts + wedged boots and killer shades to boot. I love this look as it is very edgy (especially if you choose a rocker vibe tanktop that looks distressed) but at the same time very easy to put together and pull off. I call it casual glam. Hey, if you have to go casual, the pizzazz and zsa zsa zsu still has to be there....right? (I am obviously never a plain jane)


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  1. great shoes! really like your blog

    I'd love it if you would check ours out and we could follow each other??? :)



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