Sep 13, 2011

MANGO Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

I got an invite from Mango to attend their Fall/ Winter 2011 Fashion show
held at The Plaza, Resorts World over at Newport City. Knowing how much I love anything fashion and adore the brand Mango so much, I was all for getting dolled up and dressing up for the event.

Hosted by TV Personality and Supermodel Bianca Valerio, the show was extravagant. I loved the setup and the set design. Also, it was a good time to mingle with fellow bloggers and fashion-philes who came out to support the brand.

The fashion event showcased the best pieces from Mango's newest collection for the season as styled by the country's up and coming top fashion stylists. The show was segmented into five parts for each stylist:
Modern Mystique by Bianca Santiago of Chalk Magazine and Maven, Alluring Androgyny by freelance stylist and designer Patrick Galang, Nudes & Neutrals by Myrrh Lao To, Glamorous Getaway by Teej Nepomuceno and Oriental Opulence by Anna Canlas of Preview.

The segment styled by Bianca Santiago was ultimately a crowd pleaser. It was a great way to open the show and get everyone stirred up by the City Girl Glamorous looks. I loved it! Very cosmopolitan urban chic. The coats, jackets and pieces made me feel like I was New York City.

I especially adored the jumpsuit with metal belt and the sheer metallic top paired with red jeans. Fabulous! It was also nice to see former Glitterati models, Luane Pasinatto and Christina Misko rocking the runway!

Patrick Galang's segment was rock and roll and I loved it. It had the perfect balanced of androgyny and some touches of femininity which I am just a major fan of. I loved the tailored pieces and died for the leather accents which screamed punk rock and edgy which was just so me. The dresses with leather details were absolutely amazing and I especially loved how the looks were edged out by lace hair accessories and masks.

Romantic, fresh and feminine are three words to describe this part of the show. A wide array of neutral tones , pastels and clean and sweet looks sashayed down the runway as styled by Myrrh Lao To.
It was definitely a refreshing palette from the rocker edged out vibe that preceded it.
The blush hues were deliciously and decadent--- peaches and cream, and an ultimate dream.

Teej Nepomuceno brought out everyone's glamorosa global trotter alter ego with his divinely styled selection for the ultimate jetsetter. I adored this set and consider it one of my favorites. The main theme: animal print, which screamed fabulosity in every way. If a girl wanted to look like a million bucks, first class and fancy free, these are definitely the clothes she should wear.
Fur, animal print, fall.... Loves it!

Decadence and elegance was what I perceived from Anna Canlas' segment. The classic, more formal and stylish pieces in rich and vibrant jewel tones and hues were definitely the perfect way to cap off the show as it featured runway looks which were the scene stealing pieces of the collection. I adored the bold red, orange and amber hues, balanced by blue and green tones. It was simply lush and all glam. My favorite look: the last look, which was an open coat with this amazing fish necklace which made me and my bff, Nina, want to strip it off the model, as we needed it-STAT!


Runway recap:

And the stylists responsible for putting together and mixing and matching the pieces for the show, (from L-R) Bianca Santiago, Patrick Galang, Myrrh Lao To, Teej Nepomuceno and Anna Canlas.

We all went to OPUS then to Republiq for the Garage party and then back to Opus after the show. (Talk about hopping from one place and the back to the other). I have yet to post my photos from the night (including my outfit) and our party photos but here's a teaser of me and my BFF both in Glitterati.

The Theme for the Night was-
MANIC DEPRESSIVE: the Inner Musings of a Bipolar Mind.

Here's a sneak peek.
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