Sep 22, 2011

Caught off guard

Casual but not quite.
(Jeans: Zara | Tanktop: Zara | Shoes: DAS | Belt: Vintage Italian from Mom)

This day definitely caught me off guard. I originally thought I was in for a sedentary day until work crept up to me and I ended up in 3 different places to blog about rather than being in my bed in a rather vegetative mode. Not that I am complaining as I had quite an amazing day! First stop was My Health Clinic in Shangri-la which was quite fun and very very healthy- will save more of that for my blog entry...Followed by a very relaxing "PAMPER ME" treatment over at Chic Nails and Spa (It was phenomenal....seriously) and then capped off by an open house visit to Icon, a chic new condo development over at the Fort and to end the night, a meet up with good friends over at Draft in the Fort Strip, which was just sinful.

The call of duty, as it always does, came in last minute and I had aout 45 minutes to prepare, so I relied on my trusty skinny jeans (in white...I know, I know its a sin to wear white after labor day, so fine me!) and a layered tanktop. Everything about this look spells: CASUAL except for my ultra fab DAS shoes which instantly glamorized the look. I love how shoes can add that instant star quality to a look. Just add water and stir! Hope it worked. Very differen from my usual glamorama drama filled looks but its all aout variety!

xx, JL

Photos from the day:


  1. love the layering of accessories ;)

  2. Amazing outfit <3
    The shoes were the perfect touch! :]

    Greetings from Venezuela ^^


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