Sep 21, 2011


MANIC|DEPRESSIVE: Inner Musings of a Bipolar Mind
(Disclaimer: I mean this in the fashion sense, before any violent reactions occur, I am referring to how confused and confusing me and my BFF's theme was for the night when it came to our dresses, it was short/long, two-toned, etc. Just clarifying.)

Skirt: Glitterati | Mesh Top: Glitterati | Leather bustier: Glitterati | Belt: Grommet by Glitterati | Shoes Soule Phenomemon| Bag: Zara

Anyway, this is a long overdue outfit post as this was my take on "LUXE GRUNGE" which was the theme for the MANGO A/W 2011-2012 Fashion Show over at Resorts World. The theme was such and I reckon I went LUXE GLAM before considering incorporating GRUNGE into the look but I have to give myself credit for the metal detail wedged shoes (so sci-fi), the glittery metallic mesh top with leather bustier under and the studded major thick cinch waist belt. Naturally my favorite piece of the look was the skirt, which will be part of Glitterati's newest collection to be released soon. It was semi-short, semi-long... in other words, the best of both worlds as it was conservative and sexy depending which side you were viewing it from. Also part of the new collection is my bff Nina's dress, which was also featured in MEGA's September 2011 fashion editorial shot in Moscow Russia. Check it out.


PS: I am blogging from an old PC as my Toshiba and Acer laptops both decided to give up on me. I don't care about the units anymore... I just need my hard drive and files back. There are about 7 lagged outfit posts there! SOB. Sorry for any spelling errors as I damaged the keyboard of this spare laptop by being very smart and putting my heated curling iron over it 2 years ago. (Technology fail, that's the story of my life, so what's new!)


BFF Moments with Nina: "You're just jealous cause we act stupid in public and people still love us!" Haha

With our ultimate Corlz, AJ Alberto

Super sexy Jane Kingsu of Forever21

Bloggers Unite: Thons Edano, Jane, Nina and Me

Chi-chi time

with fellow blogger, Mandi Garcia

Inspiration for the night: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


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  1. Wow... with this dress, you're like an exotic princess here. Lovely stuff!

  2. The dress.. Well, lagi ka naman glamorous.. Nothing new... Isa lang napansin ko.. Ang gwapo ng bagong boyfriend!! Woot woot!!! :D Haha!

    P.S.- In my opinion, you don't have to explain the part why you wrote "MANIC|DEPRESSIVE: Inner Musings of a Bipolar Mind".. The only people who wont get that are people who are masyadong intrigera. Just my opinion. :)


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