Sep 19, 2011

Light Blue Movers

Acid Wash Denim + Caramel
(Jacket: Zara | Pants: Mango | White Tank Top: Mango | Shades: Vintage |Bag: Topshop | Shoes: US | Accessories: +RUCKUS)

I wore this on Tradition Tuesdays which are marked by an amazing dinner with my awesome family, which has been quite a 2-year no break streak for us. It's always a good way to bond and get things off your mind with the people who know and love you best and there's nothing like FAMILY to keep you grounded amidst the stress and the daily grind of life. It's my favorite day of the week...definitely!

I also went to MULTIPLY's Headquarters to meet the wonderful people behind SHOP AT MULTIPLY. I was going for a day to night look which was why I chose a brown hued pair of trousers and paired it with acid wash cropped denim keep it casual yet still quite dressy and classic. I also relived my Topshop satchel which I forgot all about and had fun using yet again. The Multiply meeting went well. The office was so cute and welcoming and everyone was just beyond friendly! I will be blogging about that endeavor soon so stay tuned!


Photos from the day:

Multiply Head Offices

Dinner at Barcino

Detailed outfit shots:

PS: Thank you so much for the sweetest comments, support, mail and love from all of you from the hater post from my last blog entry (entitled: The Sun is the Answer, where I was called a gallivanting strumpet and a shapeless thin person for wearing a bikini to the beach by an anonymous person). As a blogger, I expect hate comments as a daily part of life but I could not keep quiet about the ISSUE this person was bringing up as it was demeaning and an all time low blow. I cannot accept so much hatred on how I am. I was built this way, deal with it.

People develop low self esteem, body dysmorphic disorders and body image issues (not to mention eating disorders) because of comments and hating like that. The traditional stereotype of what beauty should be is ridiculous and I will always fight against it---which is why I had to make it public! People should love their body no matter what and not take anything from people who would have them believe other wise. I will always be vocal about this topic--- So should you! (We can be movers and shakers!)


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  1. This outfit is so awesome i love everything x


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