Dec 14, 2013

Yourself (Or Someone Like You)

Sports Jersey T-shirt Dress: Zara | Ankle Strap Two Toned Pumps: DAS | Quilted Two Toned Purse: Chanel | Aviator Shades: Prada | Kate Spade Soft Shell Casing: Mikee Mariel Luxe | Watch: Rolex | Black Diamond Earrings: From My Collection

The Day After. I love weddings. I always have and I always probably will. It's just my thing. Granted that my boo-boo's aka Kato's wedding was one for the books... definitely unforgettable and as the Maid of Honor, Audrey says, was the BEST WEDDING EVER...which thanks to the never ending supply of alcohol and champagne... no one actually remembers...that much. All we know is that it was so much fun, so much filled with love and goodness... much like how Kato is. Anyway, enough of that, let me save that for my actual wedding day outfit post... the day before this outfit shot was taken was intense and given the early morning start (3:30 AM!) I had much recovering to do. Usually I would sleep in the whole day which is exactly what I did and I have to thank the wonderful people in SOFITEL for allowing me the privilege of a 4pm check-out time. (Something they don't usually give away!) I was planning to go home in my pambahay/ beach shorts and a tanktop as I was so exhausted from the entire day-night before but I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself to fight the urge and still make myself presentable. I am after all, a fashion blogger and I need to present myself appropriately. I didn't go all out but I did make sure I looked stylish, at the very least, still. This sports jersey shirt (which as usual I wore as a dress) was the perfect outfit choice and granted I am all for black and white hues right now, it also kind of went with anything I had- accessories-wise. It was a sporty and laid-back look than I am sure you are all not used to seeing me in but I am all for reinvention. I've accepted my style to be evolving all the time and I accept that fact that I have no clear cut definitions of how I dress because I usually let my mood/ random songs in my iPod do the deciding for me. But that's who I am, and I reckon I am enough the way I am. I love the opportunity of being able to just be me.

On Acceptance: Female German Politician Edelgard Bulmahn once said, "Now I think my point is that I have learned to live with it all... whatever happens... all of it." I have a confession: I usually get lost inside my thoughts that I tend to forget and alienate the rest of the world... that I think is one thing I need to work on (among other things...) but the silver lining to this is that I am able to realize how absolutely wonderful that not only do I have the opportunity to live my life, as it was given to me but more so, the opportunity to accept it. You see, I have spent so much time and energy foolishly fighting things that I cannot change and butting my head up against self-reinforced brick walls that I have not stopped to ask myself (until recently) if this (whatever I was struggling against) is the hill I want to die on. You see what I only recently learned is that part of learning to live our lives is developing the ability to accept what cannot be changed and learn to live creatively with those situations. Also, I discovered those which can be challenged and move forward with courage when necessary. 
Acceptance is not resignation nor is it defeat. 
Acceptance is serenity embracing life. 

Here is the thing: believing in our hearts that who we are, despite our flaws, is enough... is the key to a more satisfying and balanced life. I've never been actually one to say and recognize that I am enough. I am a neurotic, control freak... what would you expect? I have always been afraid of being too much or too little. (Now does that not sound like a familiar Spice Girls ballad?) But it is such a great relief to feel when i just sit with the possibility that I am enough. Questions that usually plague me are: Can it really be true that I am not what I do or what i produce or what I accomplish? What if I am enough and I accomplish what I want to do? Would that truly be enough? Finally I found the answer... PROBABLY! I think I would personally prefer a more "satisfying and balanced" life. I would like more time and energy for my work, myself, and those I love. When I've been able to recognize that I am enough, I will have the serenity that I know I so desperately want and need. 
Now isn't that just refreshing?

xx, JL

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