Dec 22, 2013

These Battles Are What Keep Me Satisfied

Army Studded Vest: Forever 21 | Black Sheer Chiffon Beaded Top: Zara | Studded Cream Skinny Denim jeans: Forever 21 | Studded Ankle Strap Heels: Zara | Stam Bag with Gold Hardware: Marc Jacobs | ENVY Gold-plated necklace: Gold Couture | Stacked Hamsa Bracelets: Therapy | Watch: Rolex | Bangle: Charriol

Everyday, I face a battle of survival (nothing special really because besides, aren't we all?) and on this particular occasion where I did my normal hospital rounds of checkups (again), I decided to dress up fully geared for battle and I was so grateful to have done so because on this special day, I experienced a different kind of medicine which was very similar to gambling. I called it shotgun/ Russian roulette medicine, where doctors do a medicine tolerance allergy test on me in the Emergency Room. Basically they give me small doses of medication I am verified to be sensitive to and wait for me to react. It was a worrying concept but being Little Miss Sunshine, I gladly took on the challenge. I just needed a solution to whatever was troubling me! What was the point of the military inspired outfit anyway if I was not going to FIGHT! And so... that was what I did...I went to battle and lost... horribly. The silver lining is that it was a learning curve. This was just the first battle, the second one was much more traumatic but more on that some other time. The thing is, no matter what, I have discovered the will to live and survive and I do make quite that statement blatantly with my outfit choice for the day.

Let me tell you something about Class and Self-Confidence: One of my favorite quotes, which I try to live by, is by Ann Landers, and it goes, "Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It's the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life." and isn't that just an amazing thing? 

Most people do not know this but self-confidence is so relaxing. There is no strain or stress when one is self-confident, trust me. Our lack of self confidence mostly comes from trying to be someone we are not. No wonder we do not feel confident when we are living a lie. Because when we realize that the best we can bring to any situation is being just who we are, we relax. I find that people who are cocky often show an alarming lack of self confidence. I have observed it so many times, studying human behavior. Because at the end of the day. when you know what you have to offer and bring those to each situation, that's all we need to do. 

I like being a classy woman. No show... No blow... JUST THE FACTS.

xx, JL

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