Dec 3, 2013

Peel Slowly And See: I Found A Reason

Three Toned Peplum Strapless Dress: Glitterati | Bow Leather Headband: Tory Burch | Snakeskin Clutch Bag: Gold Couture | Two-Toned Platform Ankle Strap Shoes: Zara | South Sea Pearl Necklace and Earrings with Diamonds: Mikimoto

I found a reason to keep living
Oh, and the reason dear is you
I found a reason to keep singing

 and the reason dear is you
Oh, I do believe
if you don't like things you leave
For someplace you've never
gone before
Honey, I found a reason to keep living
And you know the reason dear it's you
And I've walked down life's lonely highways
hand in hand with myself
And I realize
How many paths have crossed between us

Oh, I do believe
you are what you perceive
What comes is better than what
came before

 And you better come
come-come, come to me

- I Found A Reason, The Velvet Underground

Mary Wilkins Freeman once said, "Nobility of character manifests itself at loopholes when it is not provided with large doors." Opportunities do not always come at the time or in the form we had hoped. Instead of blinding flashes of light, they are often still small voices that whisper to us in unexpected moments. Our potential for greatness is linked with our ability to be present in the moment. Noticing may be one of the most important skills we have but often take for granted. When we are present in the moment well enough to notice a small, obscure opportunity, we may discover that through this, we have taken a major turn on the path of our life. Ultimately, anyone can say they can walk through a wide open door. I aim to possess that nobility in my character to see the loophole.

The fact of the matter is: there really is no such thing as the right moment for everything. All we have to make do with is to enjoy the present. Sometimes, our teachers appear in the most unlikely forms. Most of the time, I learn from interacting with people who have almost nothing in common with my life at all and although our cultures are vastly different, they teach me some elemental wisdom that needs to be acknowledged and experiences, even in my culture. We all need to know about going with the flow. You see, nothing really gets done at once when we demand it... despite the fact that we demand it. Work and living flow in a series of nonlinear events...what a wonderful way too look at life, right? Timing is of course still also important as we cannot correct and edit a report until it is written. The same way, that we cannot correct or make life better until it is lived. We cannot, though, control people's reactions simply by choosing "the right moment"but we can choose the moment and time that is best for us. All we have to do is choose to stop and enjoy the present.

xx, JL


Top Bloggers Unite at the 13th World Bazaar Festival

When a group of top fashion bloggers unite for the country’s grandest holiday bazaar, one can expect nothing but a shopping experience that is more fun, engaging, and personal, as evidenced by the recent successes of blogger bazaars in the country.

This year, the 13th World Bazaar Festival (WBF), running from December 6 to 22 at the World Trade Center and undoubtedly, the country’s biggest and most- awaited Christmas charity shopping event, proves this true as it once again partners with “Bloggers United 6,” a team that showcases the country’s top entrepreneur bloggers, on December 7 at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Pasay City.

“The thing that makes Blogger Bazaars special is the experience it gives to our shoppers.This is why we invited Bloggers United back for the 13th installment of World Bazaar Festival,” said JR Ang, marketing director of leading events organizer Worldbex Services International.

He added, “The event will bridge influential bloggers with their loyal readers and blog friends, so expect hours and hours of picture taking, bonding, and shopping in a wide array of fashionable items and collectibles.”

The event, which will occupy the second floor of WTC, will serve as the 6th official installment of Bloggers United and will feature fashion royalties in the blogosphere, including the likes of Divine Lee, Camille Co, LaureenUy, KryzUy, Maggie Wilson and DaniBarretto, among others.

Founded in 2011, Bloggers United has continuously influenced the online Filipino community through its efforts of promoting beauty, fashion, and style through a series of bloggers bazaar in Metro Manila.

With its recent collaboration with World Bazaar Festival, “Bloggers United” is expected to gain bigger audience and market share, while giving back to the community, as part of the proceeds of WBF will be donated to ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

Bloggers United 6 is a pocket event of the 13th World Bazaar Festival. The bazaar will run from December 6 to 22 at the World Trade Center for the benefit of the ABS CBN Foundation Inc. Doors open from 12nn to 10pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 12mn Friday to Sunday. For more information, follow its Instagram page @worldbazaar for ticket giveaways and updates.

Twitter: @worldbex #worldbazaarph

Instagram: @worldbazaar

For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:

Official Hashtag: #BU5

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