Dec 19, 2013

A Wedding Post: But when you’re in love all the lines get blurred...And I hope this gets to you...


Lace Backless Bridesmaid Gown: Moonshine x Celline Collaboration | Emerald and Diamonds Teardrop Drop Earrings: My Collection | Silver Satin Evening Bag: Bally | Glitter Peep Toe Platform Heels: DAS | Crystal Strapped Dress Watch: Swarovski |Diamond Bracelet: My Collection Hair and Make-up by: Klick Victoria

I’ve been searching for a couple of words
That can grow wings and fly like birds
Of course I know it sounds absurd
But when you’re in love all the lines get blurred
Do you remember the thousand lights,
As we danced like kids as the traffic drove by?
I can’t help, I got you memorized.
Imagine the world a little smaller tonight.
And I hope this,
I hope this gets to you,
To you.
And I hope this,
I hope this gets to you.
I knew I found what I was looking for
Sitting Indian style on the kitchen floor.
You’re like pretty Grace Kelly in a black and white scene
And you’re batting your eyes cause you know it kills me.
You think you feel my heart jumping through my chest?
When you look at me it beats three times as fast
And all of this is passing as you quickly regress.
 And I hope this,
I hope this gets to you,
To you.
And I hope this,
I hope this gets to you.

- I Hope This Gets To You, The Daylights

Helen Hayes once said, "The story of love is not important... what is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we re permitted of eternity." An absolutely fitting quotation for this day I wore this white dress from my boo-boo aka. bestfriend's wedding where she demanded we, as bridesmaids, all had to wear white as that was the color she wanted. I would do anything for this girl, seriously. I would only wake up at 3:30 to do my hair and makeup for certain people...she is one of them. I would probably even put on Bjork's swan outfit if she wanted me to walk down the aisle for her... she is a person I truly cherish and love... I would've done anything for her, more so on her wedding day... HER DAY... which I always reminded her. I am so happy to know that despite all the bad things happening in the world that we see, there are days like these... a testament that good things do happen to good people and that it is possible to feel so much feels like you can almost grasp it, it affects you on the organic level and seeing these two people celebrate their love for the most sincere reasons, not for any other self-serving purpose... was just special. I don't think I ever cried in any wedding as much I did in hers (save for another wedding where I had to make the maid of honor speech). Days like these give you hope... that there is some good left in the world and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

Awe is a feeling that is rare in our busy and chaotic lives. Awe means stopping and noticing. Awe is, at least for a moment, letting ourselves remember and experience the vastness of the universe or a tiny detail such as an amazingly intricate design in the petal of a tiny flower. One of my closest and dearest friends got married and she came bearing gifts, even on her day... that is just how selfless and generous she is. She might not have known it but she did... and I am so happy for her. Her wedding is somewhat comparable to a tiny inch-square magnifying glass which unfolded so many good things, down to the details. The day we celebrated the love she shares for her now husband opened up an entire universe to my awareness. What she had really given me was the gift of awe.

Ultimately, isn't this how life is supposed to be? We need to be reminded that everything can be a celebration. Celebrations are not just for special occasions. And believe me, everyday, there are so many things to celebrate. The fact that we're still standing, hoping and trying to make do with what we have and seeing that true, pure and sincere love is possible, is,at the end of the day, enough reason to celebrate.

xx, JL

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