Mar 14, 2012


The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
(Oversized top: Zara | Leggings: Topshop | Necklace: RUCKUS | Shoes: Gifts Ahoy | Bag: Topshop)

I wanted to wear my tawny ultra chic tie up boots which I acquired at the SuperSale Bazaar and to make the pair stand out, I chose a very neutral palette of cream and very light gray to make the caramel brown hue stand out.

The loose top is just amazing and fuss-free!

The tent-like top which on me (kudos to my petite size) looked like a dress but it was so much fun to not be in clothes that were too binding, for once.

The leggings from Topshop have an amazing ruched detail that I love. Adds a fun spin on a normal pair of leggings.

The necklace is from +RUCKUS Circa 2010. I've worn it so many times but I love it still.

And as for the shoes, I also have this in black, if you remember but I love it all the more in camel. Thank you GIFTS AHOY for this amazing pair! So comfortable and chic too!

xx, JL




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