Mar 19, 2011

Slow Night, So Long...

So far, so good, she's absolutely wasted.
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Michael Antonio
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Earrings: Vintage
Belt: Glitterati

Sometimes you fall, spinning through space, grasping for the things that keep you on this earth. Sometimes you catch them. They can be the hands of the people you love. They can be your pets- pups with funny names, cats with ferocious old souls. The thing that keeps you here can be your art. It can be things you have collected and invested with a certain sense of meaning. A flowered, buckled treasure chest of secrets. Shoes that make you taller and, therefore, closer to the heavens. A suit that belonged to your fairy godmother. A dress that makes you feel a little like the Goddess herself. Sometimes you keep falling; you don't catch anything. Sometimes you fall, spinning through space, grasping for the things that keep you here. Sometimes you catch them. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes they catch you.

Nothing like a great dinner with my family (minus Katie and Jamie) in celebration of my brother's 23rd to make me feel better. I've been on a downward spiral lately and I guess I just needed time with my loving family to keep me grounded, right where I belong. Most of dresses no longer fit me (too loose!) so I was lucky enough to find this strapless lace peplum dress I have never worn and forgot all about! LBD LOVE! Happy Birthday, Enzo!


Snapshots of the night: Dinner was at Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Isn't my mom a goddess? I heard in a movie or something you can always tell how pretty a girl will age by looking at her mother...if that is true, I think I just won the genetic lottery.

I'm more toned now, thanks to daily Barre 3 classes!

Now for the food... (I forgot to take photos of the food as I was already hungry by the time dinner was served! It was a late dinner, we started at 9!)

Amuse Bouche: Foie Gras with Pureed Mangoes and Vinaigrette

My appetizer was: Foie Gras sandwiched between two pears, caramelized apples and a side salad with vinaigrette (This was good foie gras...seriously. But I still prefer my foie gras pan seared!)

My unfinished steak: When it comes to steak I only normally eat 1/4 of what I ordered and take the rest home. (Usually get full from appetizer, I just can't finish my main course anymore.) I ordered sirloin since I wasn't really in the mood for ribeye. I ordered it with siding of french fried potatoes and potato au gratin and red wine sauce.

What's a birthday without a birthday cake? His was flourless chocolate (I couldn't taste it) and it didn't fall, so I'm guessing it was delicious!

My family.... the loves of my life, who have always caught me when I free fall.





  1. Family, the only group of people we love when we're kids, we start to run away from in our youth, and learn to love deeper and deeper by the day when we become adults.

    Nothing beats a family dinner.

  2. You look amazing in that dress babe (well, when do you not look amazing??)!! ;)

  3. I love your dress! and studded belts are you signature! ♥ love this one! Happy birthday to you Brother!

  4. THAT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUUL DRESS!!! OH MY GOD!!! and those shoess and those earrings and belt!!! youve done well!!


  5. Awwww WOW!!!!! You look stunning! Really stunning! This might be one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! And your shoes are to die for! Honestly, you look so fab and pretty! Of course you are pretty, and your mom is pretty too! :) :) I so love your family pictures, they are so cute! I always love seeing family pics, they are just so cozy and protective :)

    And your writing is awesome, I'm getting addicted to your posts :) You're a doll :)

  6. I love your belt!

  7. Looking better!

    Your arms are ripped! You remind of Guiliana Rancic now. Skinny but toned.

    Belated happy birthday to Enzo. I wish I had a brother like that. :]

  8. What a good-looking family you are :)
    The photos are lovely, you're right about winning the genetic lottery, you mum looks so pretty and elegant!
    I haven't visited your blog for a while (sorry) but I must say you look fabulous and much healthier than some time ago. You simply are doll! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. i love how you always look classy and elegant. this one's no exception. btw what can you say about the barre 3 classes? do you need to be fit and flexible to be able to participate?


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