Mar 2, 2011

March: so far, so good: We are Channel [V]'s Designer of the Month

Finally, we can share it to you all!
Guess who's Channel [V]'s Designer of the Month for March 2011?

It's me and my BFF, Nina Estacio for our online store Glitterati

Posted above are some screenshots from the video plug which airs like at least 6x daily.
We've tried our best to keep mum about this amazing privilege and honor for the longest time but since it's airing already (starting March 1-March 31), we can finally blast it out! I am still pinching myself for this wonderful opportunity...I can't believe it!!!!! Please show your support by watching Channel [V]'s gorgeous VJs wear our designs for the entire month of March. Tune in to Channel 25 over at Sky Cable!

Watch the entire video clip here:

Behind the Scenes:

The Glitterati girls with our model of that day, Isa Suarez. We ♥ Isa. She's been one of the faces for our A-List (first ever) collection.

Nina told me her pet peeve of people using their camera to take solo shots of themselves and then post it as their profile photo in FB... as it is such a Friendster thing to do. So being the edgy girl I am, I decided to snap this of us. (Self-portrait mode: ON)

Let the photo wars begin: Remember that part where we were taking photos of each other: IT WAS REAL. Haha.

The Channel [V] Crew who came to shoot us:

Hope you liked the video--- as it will be on air for 31 days.... Haha.
Thank you, Channel [V]

Channel [V] VJs in Glitterati:

Today, I caught an episode of IN DEMAND with Georgina as the VJ and I love how she rocked the mesh dress with satin lining! So gorgeous on her!!!!!!


  1. I love the way you talk! You're both so cute! Congrats Glitterati!! :)

  2. congrats on the feature JL! you deserve it :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. wow congrats on the feature! more power :)

  4. Aww congrats, this is AMAZING. You girls look hot!! <33

    Also, I share the same pet peeve as Nina. Haha.

  5. Congrats!

  6. It's great to finally hear your voice!! ☺ Congrats on this feature Ms JL :)

  7. that's some achievement! congratulations! :)

    join my StiLa giveaway!!!

  8. Congrats! :D Big time achievement, you deserve it with all the amazing clothes you have :D

  9. I love it! Congratulations! Will you guys be open to designing a wedding dress? :)


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