Mar 15, 2011

When the cat's away....

Call of the Wild.
Maxi Dress: Moonshine
Loose button down coverup: Glitterati
Sandals: from the Rockwell Bazaar
Sunglasses: Prada
Purse: Louis Vuitton

In a tropical country, especially now that summer season is official, maxi dresses are every busy girl's ultimate savior/ go to outfit for a very on the go day, which was how I would describe my day as I was running around different places the whole day with my friend, Kato. It was fun amidst the hectic schedule (imagine being able to eat your lunch/ first meal of the day at 4 pm!) The shades, were my most recent dazed and confused was worth it though, I realize. It was a day to night look... not that i really had a choice since I didn't have time to change for Tuesday dinner anymore. Thank God for the outfit choice as it still passed as acceptable for my family dinner!

PS: Notice how I am in flats!I mean they're fully studded and strappy but not heeled at all. I got semi-traumatized by my many falls recently, had to let the 5-6 inchers rest first. I'm back on them now though cause as much as it is safe to navigate through daily life in flats, there's nothing like not having your feet flat on the ground to make you feel fab. They don't call it power heels for nothing! Haha


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! i love how you have put everything together!!!
    congrats on being in print!! well done!! deserved it!!


  2. Love the maxi dress. :)

    I have to be honest, this is one of the best fashion blogs I've seen (I even bookmarked it in my office as well), I'm just a bit disappointed on how loud your ipod playlist in your blog. is there a way a reader could decide if she's going to play your songs in the ipod rather than playing it automatically, even if I'm using a low speakers, the sounds are really loud. great choices of music though.

  3. @anonymous:thanks for the comment! I did as suggested ;) your feedback is very much appreciated! xx

  4. you in sandals was the first thing that i noticed, actually! refreshing to see you in flats for a change, but well, you basically rock anything anyway. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Madly in love with the atmosphere! Seems came from a Vogue's editorial!

  6. LOVE this! you look so chic and sophisticated! :)

  7. you look lovely JL! :) and yes gela's right, it's new to see you in flats :)


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