Mar 3, 2011

Burst Generator

Coral Theory.
Dress: Zara
Necklace: Vida Jewelry
Shoes: Michael Antonio
Belt: Vintage
Purse: Gucci

I wore this to an activity filled day where I accomplished so much. There's nothing like a easy breezy dress in one of my favorite colors to run around in and do errands, comfort with style, of course. I had tons of things to do, which involved a visit to my allergy specialist, a hair appointment, fabric selection, store inventory and finally relaxing cocktails in the afternoon.

I always love pairing coral (which is the love-child of pink and red with a dash of orange). Does anything else feel quite as summery or look as divine on sun-warmed skin as coral and gold? Given the coral-gold pairing, I needed a contrast tone which was achieved by my favorite turquoise necklace which I usually always pair with this dress. I felt quite happy with my color palette that day and I got to do everything I intended to! Hope it worked!






  1. I like your dress!

  2. your dress is so beautiful and I love the way you stiled it!

  3. loving all the colors Joanna! :)


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