Dec 23, 2014

Today Was A Fairytale

I wanted to find something of the beauty of myth that we’ve left behind, carry its shreds before us all, so we could acknowledge it, somehow bring it back to life. I wanted to delve back into that world that cradled us when we were young enough to still touch it, when trolls lived under creek bridges, faeries fluttered under mushroom caps, and the Tooth Fairy only came once you were truly sleeping. I wanted to see if enchantment was somehow still there, simply waiting to be reached. When I felt my loss, I realized that if I could do anything in this life, I wanted to travel the world, searching for those who were still awake in that old dream time, and listen to their stories – because I had to know that there were grownups out there who still believed that life could be magical.
And in that moment I decided: I am going to find the faeries
... and write my own fairytales.

Before the noche buena festivities commence, I would like to wish everyone: A Merry Christmas. Granted Christmas Eve is such a big deal in our country, I am sure everyone is excited to have a fun-filled night until morning with loved ones. I think the ability to reconnect is one of the best things about the Yuletide season and I do hope you spend this opportunity well. You see, once you get older, the holidays become more of a chore rather than a cause for celebration. I get it... we all have responsibilities now and we were already told Santa doesn't exist and that it really was our parents who are stuffing our Christmas socks after all. That's the thing about growing up--- we find out the reality of things that we used to marvel at and believe so intensely. This is the reason why I find people who manage to see the magic in everyday life and continues to be enchanted absolutely fascinating. It's a hard knock life but having hope is something to revel at. Not everyone is like that anymore... maybe except for a selected few. As jaded as I think I tend to be, one thing I still do believe in magical things and that's how I choose to be. Enchantment lies in everyday moments if you are observant and if you are willing to write down your own tales. It's quite simple really... for my case. for example, all I have to do is to find the beauty in the mundane things... and even simpler yet, all I have to do is wear an dreamy ensemble that spells "QUEEN" all over it... this gown is an example of that. After all, an enchanted day is only enchanted if we ourselves believe that anything is possible.

  Okay... now all of you might be wandering why I am wearing a gown (yet again), aside from the obvious reason that I absolutely love fancy gowns and ball skirts and won't ever outgrow them... the main reason is that it was our company's Christmas party and it is just tradition to dress up in extravagant and fancy clothes. This has been ongoing for the past years and every year, I try to outdo myself cause I'm competitive with past me. To prove it to you, allow me to give you evidence:

2011 Christmas Party Theme: Masquerade and Hats... CLICK HERE
2012 Christmas Party Theme: Royals and I came as Ice Queen in one of my favorite gowns... 
2013 Christmas Party Theme: Past and Present Icons- and my dad mandated I dress up as Kim Kardashian (for reasons I don't quite understand) so I wore the most iconic Kim K. outfit back then (before she broke the internet and balanced champagne on her bum) which was her wedding dress for her 72-day marriage. I didn't want to resign myself to bodycon dresses since...where is the fun in that? CLICK HERE

So now you have seen my past looks, I think you will have to agree with me when I say I try to outdo myself every year. Theme parties excite me and I dress up in full force and with commitment to the look. This year, the theme was Filipiniana: A Festival of Lights which highlighted various festivals from different parts of the country. Granted we were the board and the directors, it was automatic that we got the Sta. Cruzan/ Flores de Mayo designation and since I am all about the, everyone automatically knew I had to be Reyna Elena and I appreciated the staff of our company for knowing me so well and thinking ahead that I didn't need to fight for the role. Now this dress, created by my favorite designer, Kristel Yulo was the perfect piece to wear as the material of the bodice was pina jusi and the layers of organza tiered skirt was just so extravagant. I love Kristel and she is my go to person for gowns because she is amazing in dressing up to flatter the female form and body. I have an obsession with her gowns and have a collection of them. That's how obsessed I am with her designs. Another reason I love this dress is that it was very reminiscent of the Katniss Everdeen gown from Hunger Games: Catching Fire... the one she twirled around in and literally lit herself up on fire... to remind you how it looked like, here's a PHOTO. I felt very bridal that day in the dress even if the color was a nude and gold mix and so I shot the outfit appropriately and as I was looking at the pictures, I was in awe at how beautiful each shot was. It was absolute perfection.


I love that saying, "Truly, there is magic in fairytales. For it takes but a simply-uttered 'Once upon a time...' to allure and spellbind an audience," and while we now know better than to be damsels in distress and we realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair," one thing that has always given me hope is the fact that we must never lose hope...because whatever it is we seek will be found eventually. On that afternoon that I was shooting my outfit in such a beautiful place, I looked around me and I felt enchantment on the fact that despite losing something I once thought was so valuable, I am glad that it happened because now found love in a different form... not just limited to romantic love. 

 Fairy tales begin with conflict because we all begin our lives with conflict. We are all misfit for the world, and somehow we must fit in, fit in with other people, and thus we must invent or find the means through communication to satisfy as well as resolve conflicting desires and instincts. The secret about storytelling is that Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty... were not perfect in the beginning. It's only a happy ending on the last page, right? If the princess had everything from the beginning, there wouldn't be a story. Anyone who is imperfect or incomplete can become the main character in the story. All you have to do is write your own tale...The best things about stories is that they can be retold.

On that note, since Christmas is also a time for recognizing the gifts you have, allow me to share this set of photos with you with the people I consider my fairy godmothers... but since they are my age or younger than me, I think the more appropriate term to use is that they are my ladies-in-waiting. Like most queens, I don't know what I would do without them and that is why I love them so much. They've kept me grounded and sane and hopeful despite everything. They allow me to say the most insanely funny things ever and still love me anyway. And suffice to say, they've seen me at my worst but only remember the good in me. 

These four women (my other PDN, Angelica isn't on the photo though) are my inspirations, my lifeline and my constant companions anywhere I go and by anywhere, I MEAN ANYWHERE. They are my favorite people in the world and despite having swollen eyes and a very red face, they manage to tell me that I look beautiful still. These are once in a lifetime people and I think that an expression of my gratitude for them being in my life is long overdue... So, we decided to shoot some photos together and it looked like I was the bride and they were my bridesmaids... the series of photos is simply just too awesome not to share...and YES, we are like this on a normal basis. 
This is actually how we are by default.

If people were ask me if I still believe in "happily ever afters," without batting an eyelash, I would say that I do. I do believe in happily ever afters even if the girl doesn't get the guy in the end. You see, in most fairy tales the evil characters disappear or die, in reality, evil spreads while you wait for your hero on a horse, only to realize the sword to save yourself was always in your hand... 

Photos by: Celyn

xx, JL

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