Dec 11, 2014

Lucky Strike

Today I wondered why my eyelashes aren't thick enough and why my feet aren't small enough. Then it hit me. Why do we take these insignificant things like millimeters on lashes and shoe boxes and then try to fit ourselves into those stupid molds? Why do I take the beauty that is me, and measure it up to a shoe size? A length of hair on my eyes? Am I not the more wonderful creation, far more great than those stupid things? Why do we take ourselves and desecrate ourselves daily? Pushing ourselves into cubicles because we think we are supposed to fit into them? Are we ice cubes? And suddenly I just don't understand the inadequacies anymore! Because they're not even inadequacies, at all! I will laugh and be beautiful.

Red, White and Blue Printed Cropped Top: Zara
Denim Pencil Skirt: Zara (Also worn HERE)
Crocodile Skin Midnight Blue Lucrezia: Givenchy (also worn HERE)
Tri-color Ankle Strap Heels: Charles and Keith (also worn HERE)
Accessories: Therapy 

Last November, I joined the SuperSale Bazaar and my FOSSIL, Dominique and I had a booth so we decided to drop by and to go for support. (After all, my really good friends are the organizers and I just really love the brands that joined...) But anyway, it was a weekend and I could dress whatever way I wanted to so I decided to dress up in red, white and blue. I must say that I was feeling a tad patriotic that day which explains the red, white and blue ensemble. I decided to go for the cropped top and pencil skirt route even if I don't have the presence of "curves" in my body because well, I love breaking rules and I don't care really as I don't change myself to fit in to the clothes but the clothes have to adapt to fit to me. So I decided that since it has been a long time that I've been wanting to wear this outfit, I might as well go ahead and go for it and I did.

I used to base my life on numbers and measurements. Of course, that would be a plus if you want worked in Finance or in a Medical-related field but for the day to day basis... Not so much of a good thing. I think it's important to love oneself as is. Happiness is not about what shows on the scale, or what size you wear for your clothes. It's all about finding beauty in yourself and believing yourself to know that you are more than enough... You're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

xx, JL

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