Jun 17, 2014

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

I've decided to put an interesting spin on things by wearing this cream on ripped boyfriend denim jeans ensemble together. It was a great risk to wear something as rugged then contrast it with something more elegant which goes for the case of my denim jean bottoms and my rather elegant and classic top and blazer. What can I say? I love contrasts and I don't care. If anything I have learned that there is  great sense of liberty that can be derived for sticking by your choices... no matter what other people think. All I care is what I think and I thing I felt pretty good in this look.

Personally, I think that not giving a damn what other people think of your choices is a very important realization in life. I've come to realize that I have this one life and these set of specific circumstances to work with. I've decided that it might as well go like this: I make my choices and I stick to and keep them. You see when I was younger, I often thought that what others might think and factored these into my decisions and my likes or my dislikes. Then I got older and I pretty much learned that I am capable and logical enough to make my own choices and to hell with what other people think about them. I just do what I know I am good at and work hard (my hardest!) to find opportunities. I realized that as I grew up (and thankfully, I did) that as much as the opinions of others might affect me (they don't...really...), I cannot let this take control of me and if I do I will never be happy. Hopefully, you think this way too.

Cream Tweed Blazer: Zara | Knit White Top with Chiffon Detail and GOld Stars: Zara TRF | Ripped Denim Boyfriend Jeans: Mango | Bamboo Chain Canvas Bag: Gucci | Two Toned Ankle Strap Low Heel Shoes: Zara | Bracelet: Juicy Couture | Pearl Necklace with Cross: Ever New | Rings: Prettly Little Blings | Watch: Rolex | Mirrorized Aviator Sunglasses: Blings and Jewel

xx, JL

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