Jun 15, 2014

Light Years

Now here is a bit of color as a break to my standard "neutral looks" for my most recent blog posts. The day I chose this outfit, I was having one of those "best moments" type of days and I can't quite explain how it came to be except that when I wore this I was feeling quite happy... almost like I was back. Almost. The weird thing about those feel good best moments is that most of the time, they are remixed worst moments. I don't quite think there is a guide to it really and there sure aren't any directions to make them happy since they just sort of happen by themselves really and they happen exactly when you need them to. It all really depends on your frame of mind, actually- like for instance: you can be having the absolute worst moment of your life so far (I always say "so far" because I always think life always has more...) and during this said moment, you are feeling as worthless as possible because you are lonely or friendless or desolate and basically flung too far out into the universe; or, you can be doing exactly the same thing but this time feeling centered, peaceful, fortunate and capable, and it's a totally different thing. That's when you know you're having a Best Moment. 

Best moments tend to happen when you give yourself space- when you take a break from the way you think every day and when you leave off the internal push-and-pull and just concentrate completely on just existing or when you set out to find something and comeback with something even better. I am pretty sure best moments happen when you are finally coming to terms with who and where you are and when you realize that nothing inherently matters and feel incredibly free from anything that weighs you down...like when you experience a shift of focus. It happens when you meet someone new and instantly know you've made some kind of connection like when you make a friend you can stay out all night with and drink cheap wine on rooftops and telling each other stupid stories. It happens when you feel understood and relieved and content and as plainly happy as you felt when you were a kid. Best happens when the universe winks in our direction.  And you never know. 

Plain White T-shirt: Forever 21 | Pink Trousers: Zara | Necklaces: Ever New | Chain Clutch Bag: Mango TOUCH | Canvas Oil Painted Shoes: Brian Tenorio for Tenorio Manila | Watch: Rolex | Bracelet: Mikimoto
xx, JL

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