Jun 11, 2014

Forces of Nature

Summer has officially ended in my country and along comes a new season. I am not a fan of the rainy weather. To sum up what I feel about this monsoon rains and typhoon: put me in a cold situation and I am not a happy girl. But of course, I have to make do. I have mentioned that I am back to basics and have been wearing quite neutral outfits because I am not in the mood to think too much of what I have to wear... and what better way to pull that off than to pull off a bohemian Misty Day inspired outfit. I didn't want to be boring in another all cream outfit again so I added on a Victorian printed kimono cover-up which changed things a bit... if anything, I think it made my outfit more appropriate for the season and magically, I blended in with the Persian rugs drying out in my house then.

If you are into fashion, you know the magic of wrapping oneself in a kimono coverup and how much that can change any look. There is something about the cold rainy season that entices creativity that is just different. I am not quite sure about how it works for you but I naturally gravitate toward wanting to write more, read more and put my thoughts in a journal (for my own consumption only). Either way, I think the most productive work I ever get to do happens in this season. It's the time for realization and change, to slow down but not stop: the perfect window of opportunity to create. Also, some glimpses of warm weather interspersed with cloudy days and thunderstorms make me realize I have a new found appreciation for the warmer seasons. What I love about seasons changing is that I get glimpses of what was, what's coming, and in those days of familiar heat or foreign cold, I learn to appreciate the equilibrium and the balance much more. I appreciate, metaphorically and literally as well, that I am sure I am not quite gone but also that I am not entirely there yet.

Kimono Coverup: Style Stunner Manila | Cream Chiffon Top: Zara | Cream Studded Denim Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: GoJane.com | Marcie Bag: Chloe | Maroon Sunglasses: Charles & Keith

xx, JL

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