Jun 20, 2014

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

I find myself embracing the casual and very laid back look recently... and it isn't because I am too lazy to function and think of what to wear but because I find blue jeans to be practical and so easy to wear. I know, I know... seeing me in pants used to be an exception but it has managed to become the norm with me. Maybe I am growing up and becoming more practical or maybe and most probably I am simply in a phase and some kind or rebellion that I've developed quite the liking for this look. After all, growing up means liking yourself more and more. I have been with myself long enough to feel comfortable in my own skin... no matter what I am wearing. Self-respect can be something that is innate but it can also develop with age. The awful things I allowed people to make me believe and assume when I was younger now make me cringe. But at least I am no longer letting them do it. The same applies for relationships- I am sure we all equated relationships with mind games, manipulation, and experiencing insane highs and lows. Growing up, however, makes me realize also means letting only good people into my life and letting healthy relationships happen.

 Anyone can grow up anytime they want. As I emphasized, it doesn't necessarily have something to do with age. Growing up simply means deleting things and people bad for you. It means taking care of business, taking care of yourself and not repeating the same mistakes. Everyone has their own growing up to do and you will be happier when you do. You won't walk around feeling like you could break at any moment because when you grow up, things are more steady... you are more stable. No extremes. Things are just good. 

Aviator Style Beige Jacket: Vintage | Striped Button Down Cap-sleeved Blouse: Yes Nook | Leather Belt: Salvatore Ferragamo | Boyfriend Denim Jeans: Mango | Spiked T-strap Platfrom Shoes: Gifts Ahoy | Rings: Forever 21, Pretty Little Blings and Girl Shoppe | Birkin Bag: Hermes


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