Jun 19, 2014

...And Justice For All

All dressed up for a very important day. I decided to suit it up in my new favorite tones- neutrals and this time, I did it in pinstriped gray, black and white. The outfit was tailored to perfection as I had wanted it to be and I was absolutely into the whole putting my best foot forward thing. I must say I have been dressing up in soft neutral tones, androgynous themes and in structured pieces... Is it safe to say my fashion choices and way of dressing is in a sense... growing up? Hmm. Well to begin with, I am after all 27, which I have to say is the most awkward age ever because I'm in the middle of being 25 and 30 and that's not always a good place to be in. I am all about extremes and hate being in the middle and that is exactly what this age is proving out to be for me. I think we have all had our fair share in terms of struggling with our identities and the meaning of our existence. 

Sure, we tend to be confused and lost with the direction one is going. I mean after all, although I am in no way possible closer to finding out the meaning of my existence than I was 3-5 years ago, I am  happy to admit that despite that, I do know what I stand for and the values and virtues I try to live my life by. I am also aware of my SELF including my strength and weaknesses. Basically, in the process, I find that I am able to see my own flaws clearer without arrogance or denial. I'm not fully grown-up yet but I do know I am growing up... and there's some sense of comfort in knowing that.

White Button Down Blouse: Mango | Tailored Pinstriped Long Suit Vest: Zara | White Trousers with Zipper Detail: Zara | Jewelry: Mikimoto South Sea Pearl Necklace and My Collection | Watch: Rolex | White Strappy "DANICA" Woven Pointed Shoes: Alexander Wang

xx, JL

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