May 25, 2012

Inner and Outer Space

(Dress: Zara | Accessories: Extreme Finds | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Cole Haan)

I love my galaxy dress. There was something about this tie dye sleeveless mullet dress that got me so excited when I saw it in Zara 2 months ago. Originally I planned to wear this to the beach but since I over pack and over prepare for everything, I wasn't able to since i had other choices. I was, however, able to wear it to a breakfast buffet feast with my boyfriend when he came over for the weekend where we pigged out big time over at Circles in Shangri-la Hotel Makati.


I paired it with fluoro accessories- neon green! It matched perfectly the H&M sandals my mom got me from HK which I love so much and the extreme finds neon necklace which provided accent to the dress and the outfit! Hope it worked!

xx, JL

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