May 8, 2012


Axe, the most popular men’s fragrance brand in the World launches a new fragrance called “Axe Anarchy”.  What’s different about this new fragrance? It’s the first time Axe has launched a product for women.

Axe Anarchy For Her is a limited edition Axe fragrance for women launched as part of another Axe social experiment: What will happen if we give the Axe Effect to girls?

In today’s World, girls have taken a more active role in the mating game.  These days, asking someone out on a date and even proposing marriage is no longer just for guys.  And hasn’t it always been guys’ fantasy for women to initiate “getting together”?  Well if women will indeed take a more active role in hooking up, is it time for Axe to make fragrances for the ladies too?

Axe Philippines has launched Axe Anarchy.  Unfortunately the TV commercial that was supposed to introduce the new fragrance line was not allowed to air on national TV in the Philippines as some scenes in the commercial were deemed to violent for the public.  

The good news is that these days everyone is on Facebook anyway.  And Axe has made it available on So check it out.  

Oh and here’s an easier view – check out

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