May 17, 2012

Bad as it gets


Carolina Herrera Meets Cowboy
(Top: Tyler | Necklace:  from Mom | Scarf: Vintage Necktie | Skirt: Zara | Belt: Forever21 | Bag: Hermes | Wedges: Cameron by FINCH)

A week of physical health dilemmas which included the installation of a 2-day Heart Holter Monitor which had about 8-10 nodes on me which left me feeling kind of like Iron Man with a car battery attached to my waist/leg. I had a business meeting and had to cover it up a bit or at least be more subtle about it so I decided to channel Carolina Herrera meets Wild Wild West in this earthy hued classic with a Western twist outfit. 

Nothing like dressing up fabulously to make you forget about your ailments! I love how fashion can do that! 

xx, JL

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