May 29, 2012

Great Finds: A Review- What I Bought from the Superb by Supersale Bazaar

It was a 5-day successful event and I hoarded- literally. I basically got a new wardrobe! So here are snippets of my finds from the bazaar....

  Fancy Flats and A Zebra Print Shoe Bag from Flipped Out Cockatoos

  Fancy Bustiers and Bralets from Boosteeyay

  Amazing head over heels shoes from DAS---- I got them all! I can't stop!

 Anna Sui inspired Baroque Mirror and Contact Lens Case from Catwalk Cosmetics by Marj Sia

Vi Shoes are Vicious and I love this neon wedge two toned pair that I got.

 Renegade Folk comes back with a bang and I especially love these bright yellow flats I got! 

 Gifts Ahoy always has amazing shoes and I love this platform heels with floral details in a wonderful salmon/coral color.

 Lovely Printed Dress and denim + leather hot pants from Wardrobe Check. BTW the tribal shorts I am wearing in the photos below are from this brand as well.

I love S&H shoes so much I just had to get two! I love how the gray heels are so me and the camel boots are such a departure from my comfort zone! Thank you Sally Ang!

YSL Muse inspired tote from Queen Street
 The tribe has spoken. Tribal and Ikat print is in and I love these satchels from Queen Street SOOO MUCH!

 Vida Jewelries is an amazing brand! I love their pieces. I adore this fringe earrings which I and my friends Audrey, Kato and Celline all got in different colors. 

Contrasts: I bought a dainty white eyelet dress and then a neon tribal colorful corset from With Love. Bipolar much?

My gym essentials are these Made for Movement Towels which are soooo amazing! 

 A gorgeous peplum corset top from Undernourished Manila in beige.
 Printastic: a lovely printed bandeau top from Moonshine

 Silver and Gold Metallic Collar Necklaces.

 I love +RUCKUS forever and this collar is TDF!

 Leather cuffs are a must for me. And these colorful ones are a great find.

 Cute dresses from Apartment 8!

Color story: Chiffon mullet skirts are a must in my wardrobe! 

 Fluorescent Finds from Extreme Finds!

 Perfect Bun Makers for my hair from 1721.

A cute pastel three toned dress at 50% off and a tribal tanktop for only P200!

 I got this beautiful white maxi dress from Olivia and Fifth plus a chiffon blouse in a cute print. My words when I saw this dress were: "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS. Someone throw a white party please!!!!"

I am obsessed with sunglasses! I have a closet full of them!

I love these quirky glasses I bought from WEAR VINTAGE! A great addition to my collection.

 If there was a case that would be totally me for my Iphone it would be this. It says it all.

 KleanColor nail polish in an assortment of lovely colors.

 Le faerie cosmetics makeup palettes. 

  I shopped my own cousin Nikki's closet with this SHOP LPF cute pieces!

The Perfect Black Shirt is a closet must have: I love this one from Heart Factory.


 A Summary of my Outfits for all 6 days 
(detailed posts to follow):




DAY 3: I later changed to Glitterati floral denim hot pants to be a bit more casual.


DAY 5: Last Day

And some photos taken of me during the bazaar...

Photo with Leah Rous

 With the fabulous team behind Superb and SuperSale Bazaar! I love these girls so much!

On the day we decided to dress up like the design of the hall....

Don't you just love color blocking?

 With 2/3 of the FABULOUS DAS Sisters!

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