Apr 7, 2011

Bye bye, Miss American Pie

I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away

Tanktop: Topshop | Maxidress: Topshop | Shoes: Gold Dot | Bangles: Assorted

Wore this for a dinner and movie night where I watched Limitless which seriously made me: 1) think of the possibility of what a drug like NZT would do although don't people who illegally take ADHD meds already get that high? 2) marvel at Bradley Cooper's new leading man role, which seriously, he did so well in--- I love movies that make you think although I must say the fast forward scenes when he was in autopilot mode gave me a serious headache. After that, I was prepping myself for a quiet night at home (to rest) but then again my friends dragged me to Members Only for the Prive Fashion Awards and though at first I was too lazy to go, I am quite glad that I did since I got to bond with friends...majorly bonding actually. And the party lasted till 4 am. Quiet night...yeah right.

15 Random Things About Me:

1) I still think that the best gift I ever received from anyone was a bouquet of highlighters (as in STABILO) in a box in ALL the possible colors. It was so nice and perfect, I appreciated it more than a bouquet of flowers. I love to color.

2) I lose my cellphone ten times a day! seriously, it's like an accessory for me, never expect me to return a call or reply right away...i never check it and i sometimes forget i have it, I don't remember I have it so call people with me and never ever call me when you're looking for me. Tweet me instead, I might reply faster! i also leave it at the weirdest places, like inside a mcnuggets container, a popcorn bucket or in the trash?

3) I barely eat. Eating is so overrated for me but when I do, I love all the fat parts in the steak, foie gras and chicken skin. People hate it and think it's gross but...i don't. I only eat the fat parts with rice or potaters and leave the rest for my dog Kahlua/ Cinnamon or for my brother Enzo. A long time ago, I ordered a bucket of KFC and skinned them all. My brother hated me for it. Hahaha! And I still think a popcorn bucket constitutes a complete day’s meal.

4) I eat pandesal/ toast/ wheat bread soaked in a glass fresh milk as if it was some sort of cereal. It tastes bad daw according to some people but I love it. It's so masa.

5) I get panic attacks, freak out and cry the hell out whenever there's a cockroach around. I run far away and scream the hell out even if its teeny tiny. I especially hate the ones that fly! I hate those little creepy bugs and I get dizzy even watching them on National Geographic.

6) I clean, redecorate and organize almost all the time. I'm a neat freak and cannot sleep with a stain lurking or something out of place or lying on the floor. I fix until nothing is left to be fixed then change again the next day. I'm controlling and neurotic that way.

I write/ print out and document all my previously worn outfits every single day, down to the hairstyle and shoes and accessories in my journal since I don't repeat what i already wore like two weeks ago. Thank God for my blog and Chictopia.com, I don’t have to do that anymore.

8) I only got a television in my room in December 2010 and since then I’ve been glued to National Geographic/ Discovery Planet/ Animal Planet 24/7…Most people only watch these channels to fall asleep- tuning in to these channels keep me up…all night long. I’m nerdy that way.

9) I sleep when there's a sun out na (6-ish), but close all the blinds including the curtains of my four poster bed to pretend it's night time still. I am very selective of the reality I accept.

10) My middle name is Bernadine.... People always misspell it as Bernardine which I hate hate hate. I also hate it when I'm teased as Berna. I do not like being called that and will not answer to it, so don’t even try. My mom had the crazy idea of naming me Joanna Bernadine S. Ladrido.

11) I have a serious phobia of earthquakes and airplanes. My fear of airplanes is so severe, that in the car, en route to the airport, I already panic and palpitate even before getting to the plane. Medication and a few glasses (bottle) of champagne in the lounge does the trick for me.

12) I sleep in one position and I never move, except for special occasions where I find myself strategically rotated on the bed, where my head rests where my feet are supposed to be. I love to have two pillows on my head, one on my foot, one on my right, one on my left (so I do not move) and one beside me even if no one is sleeping beside me since my bed is too big for me and I’m afraid a ghost might lie down next to me.

13) I am easily influenced. Seriously. People have this way of making me "GAME" all the time. For anything, well almost anything.

14) I am the queen of Lysol. I Lysol and Bactigel and alcohol everything to cleanliness. I like smelling cleanliness in my air. I so got this from my mum, I also am addicted to powder room perfume. So refreshing. I hate bacteria, mold spores and mildew.Justify Full Being the neat freak I am, I have managed to ruin 3 keyboards all because of this show I watched about how cellphones and keyboards are the dirtiest things in the household.

15) I can die of anaphylactic shock in 20 seconds after ingesting (lemons, calamansi, oranges, pomelo, lime, dalandan and all the citrus fruits in the world), seafood & shellfish and nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew--- anything nutty)which is why I have epinephrine auto-injector pen with me all the time…it’s not Uma Thurman pulp fiction as I inject in my thigh but the rush is all the same.

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  1. I had fun reading the 15 things about you! hahaha I like this look!

  2. Hey hun,
    This question is unrelated to this post...
    Where did you get your hair extensions done before? And what's the price range? I'm looking into getting mine done when I come to home to visit. Do you have any suggestions?

    Ps. You're blog is wonderful :)

    <3 from Canada

  3. beautiful outfit :)

    --Michelle from pinklemonincrystal


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