Apr 2, 2011

Our Endless Numbered Days...

Ruffles and Frills.
Cropped top: Glitterati
Skirt: Random Brand
Shoes: Soule Phenomenon
Studded arm cuff: Cuteture

The question: How does a girl who falls... no, actually she jumps ... Eyes open, down a rabbit hole, plummeting into chaos come out the other end unchanged?
The answer: She doesn't. See, I know, because that girl is me.

Wore this to the
2nd day of the supersale bazaar which was as always so much fun! Our group, DEAL DOZEN had our own booth, aside from the one I already had for my brand Glitterati but mostly I hung out at the booze stop as it was much more fun there. Check out photos from SUPERSALE BELOW:

Lastly, my brother recently took photos of me which I looooove. It was high time I update my headshot. What a joy to have a photographer brother...Impromptu shoots are FUN FUN FUN


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  1. Wow, you look stunning and I love how that skirt is styled! I have a similar skirt in my closet and haven't been able to figure out what to do with it! These OOTD posts inspire me. Thanks!!

  2. Hi, love the top! Would that still be available in your shop's website?

  3. you are gorgeous darling... and that outfit is perfect!

  4. Love the playful look! :)

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  5. pretty headshot photos!! and goodluck with the bazaar :)


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