Apr 13, 2011

Somewhere In Between: Me and +RUCKUS

Hey everyone!
I can guarantee that 100% of the time, with the exception of beach trips/ when at the pool, I am fully clothed, no matter how edgy my outfit is or short my shorts/ skirts are, I never forget to leave the house without bottoms. So I guess this is a somewhat different side of me you shall see, as I modeled for my cousins fabulous accessories line, +RUCKUS.

I will not strip down in a bikini bottom and a cropped tanktop with a powerful and fierce necklace for ANYONE ELSE but family, you should know that Nikki Sunga. That's how much I love you. And thats how much you should also love +RUCKUS as they release their IN BETWEEN COLLECTION, today, April 13 at 8 pm. It's first come, first serve- and the pcs. are absolutely to die for (I would know) so log in and make sure you get your hands on her fabulous accessories over at http://www.ruckusaccessories.multiply.com

Ruckus Accessories brings you all the you’ve been patiently waiting for! Quite a number has been requesting for MTO’s and the like so here you go guys! This is your chance to get hold of the accessories you want! ;) They’ll be having about 35 pieces up for grabs.

the IN BETWEEN COLLECTION will be released this WEDNESDAY APRIL 13 at 8PM ;)

*some items will be sold for a lower price! ;)
*though this will be the last you’ll be seeing these styles.

Are you excited? I know I am!!!!

model: JL Ladrido
photographer: Enzo Ladrido

Lastly, since I am going ALL OUT here, might as well share some of the "out takes" from the impromptu shoot.

Shameless plugging, but I love my family!
Fully clothed JL will be back soon!



  1. Beautiful!!!


  2. whoa, this really is another side of you!
    so sexy and fierce!

  3. so sexy! love it cuz. THANK YOU SO MUCH :"> :*

  4. You look great, JL! Thank you for sharing this to us. The accessories are just fab! They're selling like pancakes! :)


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