Jun 16, 2013

Live It Up

I hit the spotlight, all night, ready to go
Give you a hard night, so tight, ready to blow
I'm in the spotlight, all night, ready to go
Give you a hard night, so tight, ready to blow


 Ohhh, we can do anything we want
Live it up, so live it up, live it up, go
 And we ain't stopping till we done, live it up
So live it up, live it up

 Pantsuit: Zara | Shoes: Chilli Margarita TAYLOR Shoes | Bag: Hermes | Bangle: Iconoclast Collection


So this was what I wore to the opening of SUITEBLANCO at the newly opened mall SM Aura over at the Fort. I am always one to scout for new brands and franchises opening in the country and I am quite please with this new player in the fashion retail scene. 

I have been doing quite the balancing act lately, with my many jobs and the additional hobby also known as blogging so I guess the outfit says a lot on the juggling between work and play. 

For one, it is a pantsuit and I cannot explain how much more corporate that can get without stating the obvious. Aside from that, it also has a strapless peplum cut, which is perfect especially for day to night wear since all it takes is a simple blazer and perhaps a change of shoes to transform your entire look. 

Confession: I HATE YOLO.

 I have always been open about being an antagonist to the whole YOLO movement. I grimace at the very mention of the term and I proactively judge people who use the tagline. It's very condescending of me, I realize but I find that I actually know of more people who YOLO and get into trouble than those who YOLO and actually go out and make something productive of their lives. Actually most people I hear to ever say YOLO do so as an explanation to some stupid thing they just did. I despise the term, the concept and the tenets of this whole YOLO-ing thing... Why? I have a couple of reasons... and allow me to explain...

First is that I think it is quite idiotic. We've heard it all before, the concept of "Carpe Diem!" which personally leaves a better aftertaste in my mouth as compared to its more modern mainstream counterpart also known as YOLO. Carpe Diem, meaning "Sieze The Day'" makes a whole lot sense to me because it encourages one to live life fully, count each day as a blessing and make every day you are given matter rather than be irresponsible and make stupid decisions and charging it to the fact that you only live once.  

Second, I recognize that indeed, while we do only have one life to live thus the "you only live once" translation, what people fail to realize is that you also only die once (unless you are a cat, then, well you have nine lives), and do you really want to let go of your life because of some irrational action that the normal thinking person would not even dare to do? Mae West, one of the most silver tongued women I have read about once said, "You only live once, but when you do it right, once is enough." I have subscribed to this thought even before the whole YOLO movement became mainstream and popular - because it has one vital element in it that I am sure most people too busy YOLO-ing forget: the exception; The clause of "but if you do it right..." is something not readily realized by most people. You have to do it right- and I don't think doing anything illegal, immoral or illicit falls into the category of doing it right in any way. Anything that endangers your life or the life of others isn't "doing it right". So I reckon some people need to think about that a little bit more.

Lastly, it is because the term YOLO is a push to people to decisions that have not ripened or are not ready to be made. An important thing I learned is that our most important decisions are discovered and not made. We can make the unimportant ones but the major ones, the ones that can change our lives, require us to wait with the discovery. Ever since this movement started, people have felt the need to say yes to everything. If people have to take time to think about something first, we are castigated for being indecisive. People believe that if you are wise enough,  clear enough, or living your life enough, one would know what they want. We do not respect that maybe the reason we can't make a decision or commit to an action is because we don't know yet. In time, we have learned that it is okay to say no, so we have practiced saying no. Unfortunately, it is still exceedingly difficult for us to say "I don't know." and to feel comfortable staying with our not knowing, until we do know. At the end of the day, the quality of decisions is directly proportionate to the patience we take to discover them...and it is only finally when we do that we can finally say that we are truly living it up. Living once or living fully? You decide.


xx, JL


I went to Suite Blanco's opening and grand launch and I love the store. I saw so many things I absolutely loved and suited my personality, and the way I dress. It is definitely a store I am going to visit regularly because aside from the vast selection and quality products, the price points are actually very reasonable.

For those of you who do not know, SUITEBLANCO is a family business founded by Bernardo Blanco Solana which originated in Spain in 1960. Currently with over 270 stores in 23 countries, the brand continues to rapidly expand in the Middle East and several regions in Asia.  

SUITEBLANCO speaks to the individuals who are undaunted by the latest trends and are bold in making decisions. It is for the individuals who are confident with their style and the choices that they make. 

With on-trend, aspirational, and affordable products, SUITEBLANCO gives the optimal shopping experience to consumers. 

For the young, modern men and women with an uninhibited urban spirit comes a brand who understands what freedom is all about – the freedom to choose and decide what they want to include in their lives, and the freedom to express their style. 

I encourage you to head on over to SM Aura in the Fort and visit SUITEBLANCO's flagship store and shop away!!!


After the event and some major retail therapy, I proceeded to Wild Flour in Fort for dinner with the boyfriend. It was a perfect night and I am so happy with where I am in my life right now and I think that shows. It feels so good from where I'm standing...

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