Feb 18, 2012

Love Actually.

Love is All Around Us

(Sweater: Zara | Top: Tyler | Pants: Moonshine | Bowtie: Anthology | Shoes: Forever21 | Bag: Louis Vuitton)

Wore this for Valentines Day, hoping it would somehow give me a sweet and sunny disposition on hearts day aka. Flower Mass Murder Day.

I was not really an advocate of Valentine's Day but there always was something about so much romance in the air I could not help but dress the part! My date for the day were my parents and brother (it's all about family!) and we had a yummy dinner over at Myron's where they have amazing President's Steak!

And in true valentine fashion, here’s my greeting for all of you: I’m all for love, and for celebrating it. So for those who believe in this day, Belated HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone!






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