May 6, 2014

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Ann Clark once said, "How many are silenced? How many women never find their voice because in order to get to their art they would have to scream?" Fresh from a refreshing breather weekend in paradise. I have decided to tackle something about honesty and honoring oneself. You see, a lot of us (yes, myself included) find the words "obligations to myself" a foreign concept. We have been raised to believe that we should sacrifice ourselves in order to be good. Then, others of us have reacted to the female cult of self-sacrifice and decided we needed to be selfish and focus upon ourselves. Often we bounce back and forth between these two choices. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be and well depending on how you look at things,) neither is satisfactory. Either way we feel lonely, at loose ends, and unfulfilled. The third option is to honor ourselves. When we honor ourselves and give out of that honoring, our giving is very clean. Ultimately, if we are not honoring ourselves, our giving has strings attached and is uncomfortable and insincere for both  sides.


Here is what I know:
1. Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did.
2. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight.
3. Stop rushing. Life is not a marathon.
4. Do not be intimidated to say it like it is.
5. Stop apologizing all the time. 
(Especially when it is not your fault)
6. Learn to say 'NO" so your "YES" has some importance.
7. Spend time with friends who lift you up and cut loose the ones who bring you down.
8. Stop giving your power away.
9. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting.
10. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom and young enough to enjoy it.
...and finally, above all, KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

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