May 22, 2014

New Day

Someone once said, "Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is cash in hand... spend it wisely," True enough, what a challenge it is to live in the present. We are often so busy killing the present moment with worries about tomorrow or the regrets about yesterday that we kill our todays. Ironically, as time and experience would tell me, I have learned that all we can do is be in the present. Living in the present means noticing- noticing when we are tired, noticing when we need to take action, noticing when we need to rest. Living in the present means taking a walk for the sake of taking a walk... not just to get some place. Living in the present means noticing and and appreciating our now. Living in the present means doimg our lives, not thinking about them.
Ultimately, I realized, IF I DO MY LIFE, then I won't be undone. 


Orange Day Dress with Black Strap: The Urban Hour

 Bag: Prada |  Beaded Black and White Collar Necklace: Iconoclasts Line | Woven Studded Black and White Sandals: Zara

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